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Project of the Month: Bulls & Blackhawks Merchandising Storage at United Center

Growing Merchandise Storage Needs


Since it’s opening in 1994, the United Center has hosted over forty million guests. The United Center has hosted not only Bulls and Blackhawks home games, but concerts and events including musicians like The Rolling Stones, The Who and Paul McCartney. The venue thought it was time to upgrade capacity for it’s growing merchandise needs.

The Challenge

For live events, storage for merchandising is essential to make sure in-demand items are in-stock to make sales.  The United Center’s Madhouse Team Store houses both team’s merchandise including jerseys, hats, t-shirts, shoes, memorabilia, and any other sports gear you can imagine. With that much product to store for both teams, Merchandising Directors Matt Kobe (Bulls) and Laura Clowson (Blackhawks) worked with us to to evaluate their storage needs and get started.


Our installments took place in the lower level of the East addition below the Madhouse Team Store and began in November of 2016. We started planning with 555 International Design Groupfocusing on options, surveys, and storage capacity comparisons.

Through collaboration, we were able to meet the United Centers needs by supplying optimal capacities using 24” 4-Post back-to-back shelving sections on 10 14’ long ActivRAC carriages set on a low profile floor mounted rail. The upright shelving units are 121” tall and we used 53’ of static shelving along the wall for quick access hanger storage for team jerseys.

Organized Merch, Happy Clients


The United Center managed the project, which was purchased 50/50 by the two franchises. We were given $100,000 budgetary ceiling, and we were brought back on board later on for $15,000 in additions to the equipment and system.

Everyone involved, including the Madhouse Team Store’s Merchandising Manager, were incredibly pleased with the results, how smoothly the system runs and how quickly they were able to increase efficiency. Being familiar with Spacesaver due to previous projects, this was a slam dunk for both the Bulls and the Blackhawks!

Athletic Storage Experts

We’re no amateurs when it comes to athletic storage. In addition to the Bulls, Blackhawks, and Notre Dame Football, we help sport teams, large and small, make sure their locker rooms,  equipment storage, and merchandizing facilities are top notch.

Project of the Month: Indiana State Museum


indiana state museum

Increasing Capacity for Their Growing Collection


Client: Indiana State Museum
Departments: Biology,  Anthropology,  Archeology,  Skeleton,  Reference
Timeline: 5/28/2017 – 8/29/2017

The original collection of the Indiana State Museum was started in 1862, during the Civil War, when State Librarian R. Deloss Brown began collecting minerals and other curiosities that he kept in a cabinet. From those humble beginnings, the collection has grown and evolved along with the museum, ending up in a new location on White River Park in Indianapolis in 2002.  Since then, the collection has continued to grow and they were in need of additional space.


Configuring adequate space for each department within the already crowded vaults. Basically, expand storage without expanding square footage. Another hurdle was finding a solution for the large skeletal pieces that couldn’t be “pushed” or “pulled” off a shelf.


We worked with Traci Cromwell at the museum to meet with each department’s curator and establish their individual needs.

To capitalize on space we used the floor mounted ActivRAC so that we could run the rail up to existing cabinets and shelving without having to move existing shelves or the contents within. Additionally, ActivRAC met all their weight criteria for their collections and many artifacts weigh hundreds of pounds.

Now that Spacesaver and Viking are one company, merging the two product lines allowed us to develop a custom 8’W x 4’D drawer to fit into RaptorRAC shelving.  This custom metal wide-span shelving allowed the large skeletal pieces to be lifted out of the drawers without damage.

The custom drawers are meant to withhold a minimum of 500lbs, after a few tweaks the glides move with ease.  We added Rousseau drawers to SSC four-post and took advantage of RaptorRAC for taxidermy pieces in Biology.

Museum Storage

The team at Bradford Systems are experts in Museum storage, whether it’s for their collections, archives, or unique needs such as herbariums. We’ve teamed up with many museums,to improve capacity and functionality, ranging from the renowned Field Museum in Chicago to many local and state museums.

Project of the Month: Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital

Located in Barrington, Illinois, Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital is one of the 450 sites of care that make up the Advocate Network. As the largest health system in Illinois as well as the largest emergency and Level 1 Trauma network in the state, Advocate hospitals need efficient and effective workspaces and environments in order to meet the demanding needs of healthcare.

In collaboration with Advocate’s Director of Surgical, Donna Ackerman, it was decided that systems would be developed and installed for the Sterile Process Department, OR Core, and Prep and Pack locations of Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital.

Sterile, Efficient & Reliable Hospital Storage Solutions 

We installed six separate ActivRac 7m systems with stainless steel floor mounted rails that were to be used in storing sterilized OR instrument wrapped packs, metal instrument trays, bone and joint replacements, OR supplies as well as pillows and linens.

We also installed three HD 3×2 systems with modified peg boards to match Advocates precise standards. These units were to be used to store operating instruments after sterilization, instrument parts and gaskets, and pre-wrapped sterile packs.


The project began in 2013, assisted by HOK, with extensive storage planning on options, surveys and capacity comparisons. We were able to create optimal storage capacity by implementing 24” back to back post sections with waterfall wire shelving, four of these systems are dual sided MA.  

Some of the areas use Kanban with back to back 11” deep shelving. In the middle of the OR corridor, we installed two OR core systems in the center surrounded by 12 OR rooms. We developed these systems with ¼” thick polycarbonate end and top panels to allow for easy viewing of the materials inside.

Once Donna Ackerman saw the additional capacity that could be gained by going with High Density Mobile Storage, it was easy for her to push for our systems. Additionally, it was the ease of movement over traditional top track type systems and industrial grade durability that further sold her on the benefits of our products.

Project of the Month: Flexible Solutions for Follett

Modular Casework, Versatile & Adaptable

For over 140 years, Follett has provided products and services that help make schools more efficient, giving teachers the tools to facilitate teaching their students. With the expansion of technology and its growing importance in education, Follett decided it was time to pursue new ways of working. In planning the new corporate headquarters, Follett found the need to create flexible work spaces that would adapt to the rapidly changing needs of their team.

Room to Grow with Bradford Systems

The flexibility of Modular Casework was just what Follett was looking for and proved invaluable to their business expansion. We installed a new Hamilton Sorter Casework system that is able to be easily moved and redesigned as quickly as Follett’s needs continue to grow. In tandem with Cannon Design in Chicago, we were able to develop an adaptable, aesthetically versatile, and incredibly durable system that would support Follett’s endeavors for years to come.