Public Safety Storage — Securing What Matters

Public Safety  |  December 09 0 Comments

When thinking about secure storage, your local police department makes for a great example. Take a moment and consider just what is stored inside. Firearms, ammunition, tactical gear, uniforms, records, evidence  — the list of vital assets is a long one. Having each of these items safely stored and organized for quick access can make…

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Bradford Systems Breathes New Life Into Grant Thornton Offices

“An instinct for growth.” Grant Thornton epitomizes its slogan. Founded in Chicago in 1924, Grant Thornton LLP is the U.S. member firm of Grant Thornton International Ltd, one of the world’s leading organizations in independent audit, tax, and advisory firms. Today, the company boasts more than 50 offices across the nation, with more than 500…

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Space-Saving Storage Ideas for Libraries

Education Library  |  October 06 0 Comments

Libraries provide a priceless resource for young and old minds alike. Shelves upon shelves of books, rows of computer workstations – and everything in between – give patrons a space to relax, imagine, and learn. Speaking of space, it is often in short supply as more libraries research plans to modernize and keep pace with…

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New Hire Announcement: Welcome, Rick Dore!

Bradford Systems Corporation is pleased to welcome Rick Dore to our team as a Casework Specialist. Rick brings over 20 years of experience planning, delivering, and implementing successful casework/millwork projects by consistently providing clients creative solutions for integrated workspaces and storage systems in healthcare, education, laboratory, and commercial environments. Along with Rick comes the distribution…

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The Abe Lincoln Presidential Library: A Library of and for the Future

Sure, you’ve got your local library, and maybe you’ve visited it often enough to realize it’s real value to your local community. We’ve talked about the re-purposing of these public spaces enough to know they evolve and change to accommodate the needs of their patrons. But what about the presidential library? Turns out, the idea…

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Modular Patient Rooms

Healthcare  |  October 16 0 Comments

If you work in the healthcare building industry, you’ve undoubtedly come across many projects and clients interested in modularity. Modular casework, modular furniture, modular walls; there are a growing number of ways for us designers to approach modularity in projects of all sizes. And lucky for us, there are also growing numbers of modular products…

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Designing the Inpatient Pharmacy for Patient Outcomes

Healthcare  |  July 30 0 Comments

When you think pharmacy, you undoubtedly think of your local outpatient pharmacy with it’s simple layout, drop-off and pick-up counters and rows of open shelving, neatly organizing hundreds of medications. In reality, inpatient pharmacies share many of the same characteristics. There are points of check-in and checkout, rows of medication storage, and a technician counting…

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