Moduflex© Nurse and Patient Server

Storage From The Inside Out!

Moduflex© is a modular nurse-server cabinet constructed of Anti-Microbial, powder-coated steel which features dual-directional and pull-out interior components. Available in Pass-Thru, Non-Pass-thru, or Mobile, the cabinet system is completely modular and can be customized both interior and exterior use.

Moduflex© is dedicated and designed to streamline the patient room supply management process and to reduce inefficiency’s within the Nurse to Patient Supply Management cycle. Moduflex© Nurse Server storage cabinets allow you to efficiently store critical patient room supplies where they are needed most in the patient room.

Bradford Systems healthcare storage specialists understand the needs of hospital facilities for space efficiency and specialized storage solutions. Our team has the knowledge and experience to determine your requirements and design a tailored and turn-key nurse server storage system to organize patient room supplies and enhance productivity.

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How Does Moduflex© Work?

Case Study

Considering a renovation? Moduflex© carts can be easily maneuvered in and out of the patient rooms and the quality of the hinges, hardware, and keyless locking options are a huge advancement over existing built-in millwork nurse servers.

Moduflex© units are easy to stock and maintain as all of the patient-room supplies are confined and organized into two custom sized supply trays. The RFID locks on the pull-out,  soft-closing medication drawer stores keeps supplies secure while in the occupied patient rooms. The pass-thru version of Moduflex© offers dual-directional pull-out and tilt baskets as well as a dual-directional / locking medication drawer, soiled linen compartment, and dual-directional shelves for clean-linens.

Read about a recent hospital renovation in Omaha, Nebraska, and learn how Moduflex© helped!

Key Features

Interior baskets that pull out and tilt down for easy access and viewing (both corridor and patient room side).

Dual-directional pull-out shelves, hamper, and locking medication drawer.

UL Listed gaskets for smoke and draft control. High-quality hardware, hinges, and pulls.

Anti-microbial, steel construction, OSHPD Approved. Healthcare grade casters available.

Moduflex© is built to meet LEED© standards

LEED© CategoryDescriptionMaterials
Materials and Resources
MR 3.1 & 3.2
MR 4.1
MR 4.2
M$ 5.1 & 5.2
Re-use of building materials and products.
Products contain at least 10% recycled content.
Products contain at least 20% recycled content.
Use of 10-20% materials (by cost) are regionally manufactured.
Our cabinets are modular, making existing product reconfigurable and reusable.
Our steel cabinets are 96% recycled steel; stainless steel cabinets are 80% recycled steel. All laminate panels are made from 100% recycled wood fiber.
All cabinets, steel are made in the U.S.A.
Environmental Quality
EQ 4.4 & 4.5
Low emitting materials (VOC’s) in commercial interiors.Steel power coating process eliminates VOC emissions.