LEVPRO Rail-Less Mobile Storage

Suspended Shelving Solutions for Simple Cleaning & Easy Access

From industrial warehouses to hospitals and clinics,  getting the most from your storage space is of utmost importance. Finding ways to save time, increase efficiency, remain organized, and do more with the space you have is exactly what LEVPRO by Spacesaver is here to help you accomplish.

This is an ideal solution for the healthcare industry. Hospitals benefit not only from easy installation of the LEVPRO system and the increased storage space created by this compact solution, but also from the ability to keep stored items sterile without worry.

The shelves are suspended on an overhead track, allowing the aisles to compact and greatly increase storage space without the need to do any construction. LEVPRO is able to align sterile storage systems for hospitals where improving patient care is at the forefront of planning. Supplies and equipment need to be organized in order to ensure that hospital staff can access them quickly while maintaining the sterility of the the stored items, any difficulty in this can hinder the healthcare provider’s ability to provide timely services.

Because the shelves are elevated from the ground, access and clean up of spills is incredibly easy since getting under shelves is as simple as moving them aside, cleaning up and moving on – an impossible feat with static shelving. Spacesaver’s LEVPRO system optimizes your storage space, giving your staff the time they need to do their job effectively, efficiently and with ease.

The LEVPRO Rail-Less Mobile Storage System is available in three sizes to assist with varying degrees of load capacities and needs: the small Series 8, the mid-size Series 10, and the large Series 12. LEVPRO can also be custom made to order for your specific requirements. Learn more about the systems below. 

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LEVPRO Rail-Less Compact Storage Features

  • Allows multiple aisles to be accessed simultaneously
  • Capacity & accessories make access quick and easy
  • Optimize & increase your capacity by up to 100%
  • Easy installation that requires no construction
  • Easily relocated
  • Minimal installation disruption to your facility
  • Easily clean under shelves & further protect your stored items

LEVPRO Rail-Less Storage

With a variety of options and accessories, we can help find the the LEVPRO solution for you:

LEVPRO Series 8

The small LEVPRO kit at 8 feet in width compacts your storage space by suspending 4 shelves on an overhead track. Slide the shelves open to easily access your items.

LEVPRO Series 10

The mid-sized LEVPRO kit at 10 feet in width compacts your storage space by suspending 5 shelves on an overhead track. Easily access your items by sliding the shelves.

LEVPRO Series 12

The largest LEVPRO kit at 12 feet in width to compact your storage space by suspending 6 shelves on an overhead track. Shelves slide open for easy access to your stored items.

Made to Order

Looking for a different length, width, or depth for your space or what you’re storing? We can design a LEVPRO for your specific needs.


LEVPRO Makes Space for Bryan Hospital

“It’s an ideal system for us because our old system sat on the ground,” Clagett said. “With this new system, we can slide the racks apart, clean under the bays, slide them over a little and clean under those bays. It makes it so much easier to clean.”

Tim Clagett,  sterile supply manager, Bryan Hospital West campus.