Project of the Month: Flexible Solutions for Follett

Modular Casework, Versatile & Adaptable

For over 140 years, Follett has provided products and services that help make schools more efficient, giving teachers the tools to facilitate teaching their students. With the expansion of technology and its growing importance in education, Follett decided it was time to pursue new ways of working. In planning the new corporate headquarters, Follett found the need to create flexible work spaces that would adapt to the rapidly changing needs of their team.

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Room to Grow with Bradford Systems

The flexibility of Modular Casework was just what Follett was looking for and proved invaluable to their business expansion. We installed a new Hamilton Sorter Casework system that is able to be easily moved and redesigned as quickly as Follett’s needs continue to grow. In tandem with Cannon Design in Chicago, we were able to develop an adaptable, aesthetically versatile, and incredibly durable system that would support Follett’s endeavors for years to come.

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