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How Fume Hoods Make a Lab More Safe & Efficient

How Fume Hoods Make a Lab

Find the Perfect Fume Hood for Your Lab

Today’s state-of-the-art fume hoods are equipped with improved performance, features, enhancements, and styling. Our partners at Hamilton Lab Solutions produce high-quality airflow products that meet stringent requirements for safety, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. Our team of experienced professionals are masters at helping you develop the optimal lab design concept whether it’s a standard or customized solution.

Science Lab Room with Fume Hood
Science Lab Room with Fume Hood

Standard Fume Hoods

Hamilton Concept – The first fume hoods with AutoSash technology, maximizing energy savings and safety. Bench and floor-mounted models are available with optional sash configurations.

Hamilton Safeaire II – Incorporating the latest technological and ergonomic features, this is the industry’s first UL 1805-compliant fume hood, covering construction, materials, flammability, and containment performance.

Scientist Using Fume Hood
Scientist Using Fume Hood

Specialized Fume Hoods

Hamilton Horizon –  Ideal for classroom settings, this integrated family of glass-sided teaching hoods emphasizes safety – the entire lab is visible from any location, for instant detection of potential problems. Available in benchtop, single-sided, or double-sided style and designed to be mated for a continuous fume hood work area.

Fume Hoods

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