Architecture & Design

Partnering with the A&D Community

We have a natural partnership with the Architecture and Design community. Our deep understanding of storage options can help you make better choices on design, and lead to more successful projects and happier clients.

With 45 years of experience working with clients in Illinois, Indiana and Missouri, we understand how important it is for our clients to become more efficient through design and organization. We’ve learned there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Industry Applications:

Our team is dedicated to developing custom solutions that cater to the unique needs found across various industries. Through our decades of experience we’ve found that by collaborating with the Architecture & Design community, we’re able to execute brilliant, beautiful and functional custom storage solutions together for our clients.

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Bradford Systems A&D Partners


Shelving Systems

Spacesaver 4-Post and Cantilever Shelving are highly adaptable, cost-effective storage solutions for virtually anything you wish to store.

Mechanical Assist

Spacesaver High-Density Mobile Systems eliminate the need for multiple fixed aisles, freeing floor space for other more productive uses.

Mobile System Powered

Eclipse runs on your imagination. Fueled by easy flexibility that lets you configure just the powered storage system you want and can afford.

Evidence Locker

Evidence is a crucial component needed for taking a case from collar to conviction and the chain of custody must be preserved.

Personal Lockers

Here’s a locker system that changes just as fast. Start with sizes that fit your space, and configurations that meet your demands.

Wide-Span Shelving

Whether a military base, stock in an industrial warehouse, or large artifacts in a museum setting, RaptorRAC™ shelving protects the important stuff.

TMI Casework Solutions

Commercial Casework

We have learned best practices from working with a wide array of commercial applications across a variety of industries.

Healthcare Casework

We create casework and architectural woodwork for healthcare facilities, with products that support efficiency.

Laboratory Casework

Discovery is an open ended process. It takes a mindset willing to question, investigate and explore. That is what drives laboratory environments.

Millwork Solutions

TMI architectural woodwork will make an impressive statement about the quality of your environment from the day it’s installed.