HIPAA-Compliant Digitization for Healthcare

Digitization for healthcare information governance is important for the wellness of your organization. Our team has decades of experience handling sensitive electronic health records (EHR) & information for any sized projects while maintaining HIPAA compliance. We can help you audit, maintain, and modernize your healthcare records, whether it’s in the thousands or millions of records.

We have experience working with all types and sizes of healthcare organizations including insurance providers, large hospital networks, clinics, private practices & more. Our team of healthcare digitization experts are here to help, whether you need to scan a backlog of medical records, address your compliance issues, or want to streamline your internal processes by outsourcing claims, we’ll keep your business healthy as a horse.

Top Digitization Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

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Healthcare Digitization Highlights

HIPAA-Compliant Records Scanning

Improve Records Management with Digitization

We offer both on-site and off-site scanning services compliant to HIPAA regulations. What’s best in our digital conversion is your team can retain access to all records during the scanning process so you don’t lose time caring for your patients. We can also scan directly into your EMR system so you no longer have to retain all those paper records. Our leading-edge scanning devices use advanced OCR technology, so your data can be transformed, classified, and indexed as a searchable database at the same time it’s getting scanned.

Common paper to digital conversions include:

  • Explanation of Benefits
  • HCFA Forms
  • Paper Charts
  • Medical Records & more
Medical Scan
Medical Document Management

Information Governance Digitization for Healthcare

Protect your Data. Maintain Compliance.

Our staff are well-trained on various data governance regulations, with a special focus on HIPAA, and understand how to protect personally identifiable information (PII). Our facilities are compliant & secure with restricted access that meet the most stringent data protection regulations. Your improved information governance policy will include additional benefits like:

Secure Chain of Custody

Our team uses our proprietary NetTrax records management software to maintain chain of custody over file transactions and can identify and reconcile discrepancies at the point of origin.

Audit Trail

Through NetTrax, we are able to provide a real-time audit trail for each time a file changes hands. Security can be added to restrict file access based on contact, job type, clearance level and other categories. This added security builds in safeguards to help you maintain regulatory compliance.

Business Process Automation

Streamline your Workflow for Improved Patient Care

In healthcare, many tasks are repetitive and tedious in nature. Not only can outsourcing optimize these tasks, but it can also save your staff time & energy, reduce clerical errors, and improve patient care. Our healthcare digitization team will work with your organization to identify areas for process improvement and enable your organization to focus on better care for your patients.

Unlock the power of process optimization:

  • Digitize documents and send data directly to your EMR
  • Share data securely through an enterprise document management system
  • Scan files directly to a secure server
  • Set up scan-to-email or scan-to-workflow events to save time
  • Search and retrieve records faster by digitizing records
Business Process Outsourcing

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