Industrial Automation Products

Revolutionize Your Warehouse with Advanced Industrial Automation Products

As leaders in industrial automation, we’re committed to transforming your warehouse with our cutting-edge Deep Lane Pallet Storage and Vertical Lift Modules. Benefit from Bradford’s automated solutions that boost productivity by up to 85%, saving up to 90% floor space. 

Embrace the future with Automated Guided Vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots, designed for seamless integration and enhanced safety. Discover how Pick Modules and Pick-to-Light systems can elevate your order fulfillment to new heights. Contact us today to transform your warehouse into a model of productivity and safety.

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Industrial Automation Products

Attabotics 3D Cubic Storage System

Built to address the supply chain and fulfilment problems of today and in the future, the Attabotics system is optimized for the three-dimensional movement of robotic shuttles within its storage structure. The system’s patented storage structure matrix and 3D robotic shuttles, also known as the Studio, allows companies to significantly improve productivity levels while materially reducing space and labor requirements by maximizing vertical space.

Modula Vertical Lift Modules

Revolutionize space utilization in your facility with our Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs). These fully automated systems increase workforce productivity by leveraging ceiling height for storage. With swift item delivery and a secure environment, our VLMs are designed for operational efficiency. Benefit from significant floor space savings, enhanced productivity, and ergonomic design for worker comfort and safety.

Deep Lane Pallet Storage

Optimize your warehouse space with our shuttle system, e.g. Stow, Mallard, engineered for maximum storage efficiency and minimal downtime. This innovative system features a carrier that navigates a custom-designed racking structure, ensuring high-density storage.

  • Streamline operations with a system designed for reliability and performance.
  • Maximize storage capacity with our advanced design, tailored to your warehouse needs.
  • Transform your storage capabilities and minimize operational delays.

Horizontal Carousels

Our Horizontal Carousels provide an optimal picking solution in environments with limited ceiling height. These systems offer efficient storage and retrieval, reducing labor costs and improving dependability with their durable stainless steel construction.

  • Increase picking rates with fast, efficient storage solutions.
  • Improve accuracy and safety, enhancing overall warehouse operations.

Wire Carousels

Maximize your storage with our Wire Carousels, designed for efficient handling of wire, cable, and spooled products. This system leverages overhead space to enhance storage capacity while ensuring easy access and safety.

  • Optimize storage with a system designed for spooled materials.
  • Enhance efficiency and safety in material handling processes.
  • Transform your storage capabilities with high-density solutions.

Vidir Tire Carousels

Discover superior tire storage with our Tire Carousel. This semi-automated solution organizes, displays, and provides easy access to tires, utilizing a compact design to maximize floor space and enhance ergonomics.

  • Streamline tire storage with our efficient, ergonomic solution.
  • Recover valuable floor space with high-density storage options.
  • Elevate your tire storage efficiency.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Redefine efficiency with our AGVs, designed to automate material handling with precision and safety. These vehicles integrate seamlessly into your operations, offering scalable solutions to enhance productivity and reduce manual labor.

  • Streamline material handling with our advanced AGV technology.
  • Enhance operational safety and efficiency, reducing labor costs.
  • Embrace cutting-edge automation in your warehouse.

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

Innovate your warehouse operations with our Autonomous Mobile Robot by Stow, Movu. Adaptable and scalable, it seamlessly integrates into your workflow, enhancing productivity and safety. Ideal for collaborative picking or pallet transport, our AMR reduces picking errors and adapts to various layouts.

Advance your operations with autonomous efficiency

Industrial Conveyors

Upgrade your material handling with our industrial conveyors, e. g. Hilmot, ProVeyance, Ashland, offering unparalleled efficiency and customization. Designed for durability and precision, these conveyors optimize material flow and space utilization.

  • Enhance operational efficiency with tailored conveyor solutions.
  • Maximize space and precision in material handling with our innovative designs.
  • Revolutionize your material handling processes.

AS/RS Systems

Transform your warehouse with our Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) by Modula, Stow, optimizing space and improving efficiency. These systems integrate seamlessly with management software, enhancing inventory control and order fulfillment.

  • Maximize storage space with automated precision.
  • Improve efficiency and safety, streamlining warehouse operations.
  • Elevate your storage and retrieval efficiency.

Pick Modules

Optimize your warehousing with our Pick Modules, e.g. RBI, Unarco, blending various storage solutions to meet your unique needs. These systems streamline inventory management and order fulfillment, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Customize your storage solution to fit your operational requirements.
  • Enhance efficiency and reduce congestion with our integrated systems.
  • Transform your warehousing strategy.

Pick to light

Improve order fulfillment with our Pick to Light systems, e. g. Lightning Pick, known for their efficiency and real-time analytics. Ideal for team-based approaches, they enhance pick rate productivity and minimize errors.

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