Information Governance

Proper Information Governance to Maintain & Secure Your Data

Information governance, or IG, is an organization’s strategy for managing information and balancing the risk that company data presents with the value that data provides. Information governance and records management go hand in hand. You can’t have good data governance without a solid records management system, and vice versa. When you partner with Bradford Systems, we approach your unique needs from both angles.

An effective information governance system ensures compliance with laws and regulations, mitigates risks, and protects sensitive customer and company data. IG and records management encompass some of the most important procedures in any type of organization, dealing with the proper creation, retention, storage, and destruction of records. Your records management policies tie in with governance in the way you manage existing data storage, whether physical or digital. 

Our information governance consultants will help your business by:

  • Reducing data storage and retrieval costs
  • Providing onsite and offsite scanning so you can digitize paper records
  • Establishing a proper document management system to help you keep pace with data creation
  • Avoiding legal fines and preparing for audits
  • Preventing costly data breaches & more

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What is Information Governance?

Information Governance (IG) involves the policies and processes that your organization uses to manage its data. This includes how it captures, uses, stores, retains, and deletes information, and spans from physical records to electronic documents, and any digital company or customer data. IG policies should be designed to account for compliance with state and federal regulations, industry-specific regulating entities, and internal company policies. Successful info gov systems mitigate an organization’s risk and provide universal compliance, along with streamlining business processes and data retention and disposal policies.

Our Information Governance Solutions

Secure Document Scanning

Whether your records need to comply with FINRA, HIPAA, or CJIS, our team is able to convert your legacy paper records into digital, transforming the data into a searchable database.

Compliant Document Management

Get a content management system that fits the needs of your growing enterprise. We’ll put together a records management system that harnesses all the data your business creates.

Records Retention Schedules

We’ll work with you to create a retention schedule that not only meets regulatory compliance, but also improves your data storage and retrieval.

Records Relocation Analysis

Need a secure way to move your files to your new location? Our records relocation services are the most secure, controlled, and quality assured in the entire industry.

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