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Document Management for an Organized, Secure, and Compliant Business

Managing your records can get very complicated between juggling paper & digital files and keeping up with every retention & compliance law in your industry and on a global scale. A strong document management system is essential to avoid any unnecessary headaches during your digital transformation. Becoming a paperless office has many advantages. For example, electronic files allow better access and information sharing, cost less in terms of physical space & personnel, and can increase productivity — all of which add to your organization’s bottom line.

Document Storage Management & Data Retrieval

Your business likely generates a lot of data in both, digital and physical files. Our team can help you organize and store all this data so it’s secure, organized, and accessible for easy retrieval & discoverability.

Solutions to Manage your Documents

With a solid document management program in effect for your organization, you can leverage your data to streamline core business processes, reduce overall risk, and provide easier access to critical information. Some of these solutions include


Ask us about our Document Management solutions:

End-to-end Document Management

Enterprise Content Management

Connect your content with your people and processes. We partner with Rhinodox to leverage their cloud-based intelligent content management platform. Together, we can empower your organization to leverage its data to improve business processes, rather than being bogged down in paper and mismanaged content.

  • Cloud storage so you can go paperless
  • Data enrichment so information is easier to find
  • Intelligent search for better file retrieval
  • Process automation that enable integration between systems
  • Scalable with our future-proofed API
Document Sorting Resize
Organization File

Information Governance & Archive Analysis

Keeping track of all your files is a burden. It’s expensive and difficult to maintain, especially without an information governance plan in place. Our team can review your existing data and perform a full analysis of your on-site & off-site archives to identify items that may be eligible for disposition. We’ll detail your information to identify last encounters, file age, and other indicators to flag items that can be dispossessed.

Once your files have been purged and organized, we’ll work with you to create a an information governance that complies with your industry regulations, and prevents you from maintaining unnecessary files.  Our team can help you:

  • Review your existing data inventory
  • Create a retention schedule based on federal statutes for your industry
  • Sample your inventory and review document types
  • Flag unidentifiable data

Retention Schedules & Compliance Standards

Our team of experts will detail how your business can create a document management solution that keeps you in compliance with regulating entities relevant to your industry, as well as global compliance standards. We’ll help you comply with regulations including:

  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • CJIS and more
Connected Security
Business Process Outsourcing

Merger & Acquisition Data Integration

M&A processes are complicated. Through our partnership with Acquiretek, we can ensure more of your data is integrated on the first pass. Assessing your data is an important first step so we can customize a solution to ensure continuous execution and greater ROI.

Meet with our team for in-person planning workshops. Get the right plan in place to avoid starts and stops and brace for seamless execution of your data integration. Our process includes:

  • M&A Governance
  • Integration Assessment
  • Integration Planning
  • Integration Management Office
  • Requirements Assessment
  • Strategy Execution

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