Medical File Storage

Essentials to Operating a Healthcare Facility Smoothly

When considering hospitals and healthcare facilities, your main concerns are medications, supplies, and of course, the patients. One area that at times gets overlooked is the building’s medical file storage. Medical file storage includes business office records, patient files, general office supplies, housekeeping materials, essentially all of the non-medical equipment and supplies used in daily hospital operations.

Having an organized, accessible, and secure medical file storage area is essential to operating a healthcare facility smoothly. We understand that you may not have a big footprint to work with for this storage area, and that’s exactly why our innovative storage options could outfit your space perfectly.

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Ask us about medical file storage for your facilities:

Medical File Solutions

Mobile Systems for Medical File Storage

High density mobile storage systems can maximize your available space while creating ample room to store all your facilities medical files and supplies. Mobile systems can accommodate shelves, cubbies, drawers, doors and more to fit all types of storage needs. Mobile carriages will allow your space to only have one aisle whereas traditional shelving and static file cabinets have a fixed amount of aisles, creating far more wasted space.

Flexible & Modular Records Management

We work with state-of-the-art manufacturers to produce adaptive and responsive modular and flexible rail-mounted systems for your administrative healthcare environment. These systems can be configured and reconfigured according to your evolving needs. Shelving units also have built-in flexibility, with adjustable individual shelf heights in order to accept medical records and vertical files of various sizes. Files not housed on shelves can be stored in file drawers with full extension slides.

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Digitization & Document Management Services

We work with all types of healthcare organizations including insurance providers, large hospital networks, clinics, private practices & more. Our team of healthcare digitization experts are here to help, whether you need to scan a backlog of medical records, address your compliance issues, or want to streamline your internal processes by outsourcing claims, we’ll keep your business as healthy as a horse.

Our staff are well-trained on data governance regulations, such as HIPAA, and understand how to protect personally identifiable information (PII). Through our document management system, NetTrax, we’re able to provide a real-time audit trail for each time a file changes hands.

Medical Document Management

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