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Improved Ergonomics for Exponential Productivity

Ergonomic handling equipment allows workers to do their jobs better. A good ergonomic workspace takes into consideration many types of furniture, devices, and tools that can improve the space itself for the employee. This can include adjustable workbenches, chairs, tool rack solutions, tilting storage bins, adjustable computer screens, armrests, footrests, air conditioning, lighting, seating, contactless lockers, and more.

The well-being of employees increases output and, with that, comes greater profit. Quality workspaces often make for happier employees. If your employees feel better, they will work and perform at a higher level. This makes for a more productive, profitable company that can reinvest in its employees in other ways (incentives, benefits, retreats, etc). The workspace plays a critical role in that circular system for creating employee happiness and boosting overall morale. Contact us today for a free quote & learn how to exponentially improve your employee’s productivity.


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Ergonomic Handling Equipment Products

Ergonomic Workstations

Our ergonomic workbenches meet any industrial workstation needs, ranging from low-cost standard workbenches to advanced adaptable designs customized for an existing production line. A well-functioning workstation creates the conditions to work effectively, which in turn improves productivity and well-being at work.

These quality workbenches are designed to withstand years of heavy use. Modularity offers agility and lengthens product life cycles. The widest range of accessories on the market gives us the ability to create personalized, ergonomic, and flexible workstations for employees. This ensures safe, easy-to-use, and motivating working conditions all-around.

Ergonomic Material Handling Lifts

Our high-quality material lifts are a cost-effective, safe, and easy way to move materials from one level to another. We offer both, Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) which are designed for the transfer of material-only, as well as Rideable Material Lifts (RMLs) which are designed for authorized personnel to safely travel up with their cargo. Add material handling safety and efficiency to your operation with an ergonomic material lift from the industry leader in space optimization.

Ergonomic Packing Workstation

Packing Solutions

An ergonomic packing bench or workstation in which everything has its own place delivers faster packing, reduced errors, improved safety, and creates a neat and tidy space. The ideal packing solution also facilitates staff shift changes and reduces stress for your workers. Our improved packing workstation’s efficiency increases volume and profitability thanks to:

  • sturdy, stable, and high-quality build materials
  • modular flexibility, enabling many different configurations cost-efficiently
  • included benches that offer plenty of work surface
  • the widest selection of workbench accessories on the market, enabling you to create a complete solution that meets your specific needs

Assembly Applications

Automation is necessary to bring the part cost down for American products to be competitive with the rest of the world. In pursuit of this goal, we provide our clients with plenty of robotic and non-robotic assembly applications to ultimately save time, space, and labor. Our ergonomic industrial assembly products include the highest quality conveyors, pick systems, robots, wrappers, lift & tilt units, and many more. Contact us today for a full line card of the manufacturers we work with.

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Ergonomic Carts & Trolleys

Work is not always confined to a single workstation and tools must be moved around accordingly. Our flexible, lightweight trolleys are ideal for this situation, significantly increasing productivity by up to 30%.

Because each task is different and requires dedicated tools, our products adapt seamlessly to changing tasks and layouts. Trolleys are easy to design and suit a multitude of uses thanks to their modularity and versatile accessory components. Our cart and trolley applications are built to ease the manual handling of loads (also known as manual materials handling or MMH). Reduce the risk of lower back injuries, low back pain, and occupational fatigue with our ergo industrial solutions focused on worker health and safety.

Scissor Lifts & Lift Tables

Our wide selection of scissor lifts and lift tables come in various forms to suit your needs; hydraulic, air-lift, pneumatic, mobile, portable, and more. These lift tables help increase productivity, safety, and efficiency by bringing the work to the worker & minimizing excessive movement strain. Whether you need a scissor lift or lift table, we have the broadest manufacturer product lines, the largest inventory of models, the most flexible range of modifications, and the most experienced space planners. Get started on your project today with a free quote below.

Work Positioning Equipment

Although work positioning is often thought of as being supported by a harness, we take a step further in safety. Using ergonomic safety equipment like pallet positioners, worker platforms, and elevated work access lifts, we ensure your workers always have extra layers of operational safety. Build or break down workloads with a minimum of bending, reaching, stretching, or walking around. Our expert space planners are here to answer all your concerns, simply contact us today to get started.

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