Industrial Storage Solutions

Efficiently Streamlined Industrial Storage Solutions

Today’s industrial warehouses can be a challenge when considering storage options. Many facilities are in need of accommodating large equipment and parts, but still have adequate spaces for the smaller tools, parts, and other equipment as well. Employees need to be able to retrieve items quickly and easily in order to stay productive, efficient and increase the company’s bottom line. Take a look at our expanded collection of industrial product offerings below, or get a quote from an expert industrial space planner today.


Maintenance, Repair & Operations Storage

When dealing with industrial MRO storage, the goal is clear— reducing equipment downtime and lowering the cost of maintenance. Industrial MRO inventory can account for as much as 40% of a warehouse manager’s annual procurement budget, this number can be even more if extra parts are ordered but not needed or a large machine experiences downtime due to a long and unexpected repair.

Take a look at how we, in partnership with trusted manufacturers like Spacesaver, Rousseau Metal, Vidir, Modula, and other companies, can increase your bottom-line, centralize MRO storage, and return up to 90% of your warehouse space.

Learn more about our industrial storage solutions:

Warehouse Storage Solutions

Industrial High-Density Mobile Systems

Heavy-duty industrial mobile racks by Spacesaver eliminate empty, unused aisle space in your warehouse by mounting new or existing pallet racks or shelves on mobile carriages. These systems easily double the floor space available in your building and create space for more revenue-generating stations. The ability to anchor this system to existing concrete also creates a cost-effective solution for maximizing floor space and increasing inventory capacity. Available in three sizes, to assist with varying degrees of load capacities: ActivRAC 7M (Mechanical) and 7P (Powered), 16P (Powered), and 30P (Powered). Click below to learn more about high-density mobile systems for your application.

High-Density Industrial Bulk Storage

You may think that an expansion or relocation is the only possible solution for your growing industrial warehouse, but what if you could store double or triple the amount of storage in the exact same space? This is where our high-density industrial bulk storage products come into play.

Our storage consultants will design a tailored solution that fits your warehouseAurora Organic Dairy had a narrow space, making storage difficult. We utilized push-back pallet racking so they could streamline their warehouse facility of fast inventory. For PetDine manufacturing, rather than push-back racking, we implemented heavy-duty mobile shelving for a truly dynamic warehouse storage system that had more unique needs.

Refrigerated Storage

Refrigerated storage and freezer space are extremely costly, especially after factoring in the considerable amount of electricity needed for climate control inside any large facility. A cost-effective alternative is rethinking the shelves and storage you use in your cold storage, maximizing that pricey square footage. Space created from mobile racking allows for value-added services like repacking, customization, consolidations and so much more. ActivRAC heavy-duty mobile racking is designed to withstand temperatures of -4 degrees Fahrenheit (F) and above, and for environments below -4 degrees Fahrenheit, we offer a stainless steel option.

Rousseau Metal Benches

Whatever the industry and whoever the customer, we understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we work with Rousseau Metal Benches – all our product lines allow for custom configurations and specifications for your needs.

With our vast range of components and accessories, you can build your own solution, be it a customized bench or workstation – Bradford Solutions and Rousseau Metal are here to help you.

Ergonomic Industrial Equipment

Ergonomic handling equipment allows workers to do their jobs better. A proper ergonomic workspace takes into consideration many types of furniture, devices, and tools that can help improve the employee’s space. This includes adjustable workstations, chairs, material handling lifts, packing solutions, assembly line applications, scissor lifts, ergonomic carts & trolleys, contactless lockers, and more. Click below to visit the full collection of our industrial ergonomic products.

Industrial Safety Equipment

Establishing a dependable, trusted, and safe work environment is always at the top of any warehouse priority list. With this in mind, we’re pleased to provide industrial and warehouse workers with the most dependable safety equipment in the country. With our broad experience in providing high-quality equipment solutions to various industrial clients, we will help your workers stay healthy and safe from hazards for years to come. Visit our safety page by clicking below.

Lean Manufacturing Equipment

Lean manufacturing is a production process focused primarily on maximizing productivity while simultaneously minimizing waste within a manufacturing operation. The main goal of manufacturers using lean manufacturing principles is to eliminate waste, optimize processes, reduce costs, increase profits, and improve quality. Our lean manufacturing space experts use these principles to minimize waste and maximize efficiency with the help of superior industrial products, more dependable safety equipment, and better ergonomic solutions.

Industrial Operations Improvement

Improving your warehouse’s operations is a key factor in driving more growth and profitability to your organization. We help improve your warehouse ops by using refined ergonomic equipment, better safety solutions, and lean manufacturing principles to increase your bottom line. Learn how to exponentially increase your operational capabilities, asset optimization, quality improvement, safety performance, and more using just a few of our innovative industrial products.

Vertical Storage Systems

Taking Storage to New Heights

Modula Industrial Vertical Lift Modules

Looking for a better way to store the goods piled high in your plant or warehouse? Bradford Systems will recover up to 90% of floor space with Modula’s innovative ASRS and industrial lift units. Your team will experience improved workflows and get back the endless hours spent searching, picking, and placing materials, packages, and products. Discover a range of automated storage and retrieval systems featuring revolutionary vertical lift and carousel technology with safe, efficient, and sleek designs.

Cold Warehouse Storage: A Case Study

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Louis Glunz Beer Distributorship, Keeping Employees Safe & Efficient

Founded 130 years ago, Glunz has adapted and persevered through the trials and tribulations from prohibition and the Great Depression to the modern demands for microbrews and specialty beers. Today, they are a Chicago staple.

They came to us with two main issues:

  • The existing cold storage warehouse had approximately 250 ft. of static shelving, 4 levels high. Extra Kegs would often need to be set along the front of the racks – creating a blockade.
  • For employees to reach a particular keg, they would need to first clear a path through the kegs in order to get the racks behind them and then move the loose kegs back to their place.

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