Locker Management Software

Locker management made easy.

With Bradford’s locker management software, administrators have the option to easily change configurations, assign lockers, view detailed usage data, see in real-time which lockers are in use, and schedule synchronization and notification tasks.   To streamline operations, the locking system can be integrated with any ID card system.
Organizations can provide locker rentals via their online portal and increase security with a networked alarm.

The software powering our smart lockers is ideal for many applications, including:

  • Day-use lockers for corporate offices, libraries, universities, and anywhere with shared spaces and a changing user group.
  • Package delivery centers, whether that’s a condo building mailroom, a corporate mail center, or a retail location with package pickup.
  • Audit trail capabilities which allow you to track locker uses, openings, closings and all of the security to keep important items safe. This can be sensitive deliveries for law firms, or access to controlled substances in a medical space.

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The perks of using a smart locking system

Track & Secure

Our locker management system has built-in burglary monitoring, and audit trail capabilities so you know when items are delivered, and who accessed the locker.

Save Money

Eliminate maintenance costs associated with managing keys, assigning lockers, and the pain of managing package delivery. Our flexible system will free up time and resources for your staff.


A locker system that works for almost any setting — libraries, offices, package delivery, retail. Smart package management, easy locker assignments for personnel, and integration with third party systems.

Locker Management Software

Innovative ways to manage your lockers with smart locks paired with networked lockers. Build more than just a storage locker system.



Both users and operators will benefit from how easy the system is to use. There are no PINs to remember, no mechanical keys to inventory or replace, to locks to change or manage. Lost credentials for a user’s locker can be found on the locker terminal, keeping locker management to a minimum.

Upgrade an existing locker system or start new. We can provide smart locks that can be installed in both new and existing lockers with either metal or solid grade laminate doors.

Mailroom Software

Improve your mailroom operations

Innovative ways to manage your lockers with smart locks paired with networked lockers. Build more than just a storage locker system.

Our system allows users to both send and receive parcels within the smart locker system or from outside 3rd party courier services.


  • Carrier agnostic – deliveries accepted from UPS, USPS, FedEx, Amazon or internal packages
  • Access via PIN, SMS, Email RFID or native app
  • Delivery notification via SMS, e-mail or app
  • Master-access and emergency opening features

Paid Locker Use

Turn lockers into a revenue stream with Cashless Locker Rental

You have the option to utilize an existing MDB-enabled transaction terminal at the locker bank, or we can furnish one for card transactions at the lockers. Additionally, our system accommodates transactions exclusively through a mobile app.

Customers have the flexibility to rent lockers using either their cards or the mobile app. You have full control over setting up available lockers and products, determining costs, and defining rental durations for each.

Effortlessly monitor and oversee transactions through an intuitive software portal. Track rented products, their durations, and the customers who have rented them. Leverage built-in reporting tools to stay on top of revenue targets.

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