NetTrax Records Management Software

An All-Encompassing Records Management Software.

NetTrax is our in-house records management software that keeps your company’s policies, workflows, compliance & regulations in line with the best industry standards. Information governance (IG) policies are one of the most overlooked statutes in many organizations. Without a true IG and document management system in place, your business could potentially skyrocket your compliance costs & result in millions in legal fees and government fines. The good news is NetTrax takes care of all that automatically, saving you the time it takes to research and abide by every standard at a national and global scale. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to quickly search & discover all of your documents scanned into NetTrax. Thanks to our advanced Optical Character Recognition document scanning technology, as well as our proprietary software, we can develop a custom records management solution specific to your business.

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NetTrax Software Benefits

Track, Locate, & Manage Your Entire Document History

Our document management software is a great fit for companies big and small. Whether you have file rooms full of unscanned paper or a database flooded with duplicate records, NetTrax can help you easily search, keep track of, and manage every company record you’ve ever created, as well as the ones you’ll soon create, from a centralized secure database.


Policy Management, Compliance, & Workflow Improvement

Our document management professionals excel at developing all-encompassing information management policies to keep you legally in compliance. What’s more, is that NetTrax will improve your company workflows through quick, easy, and confident retention & disposition schedules. You’ll never have another headache trying to find the right version of a 5-year old document with our digitization solutions experts.

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