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Music Instrument Storage

Shelving to store musical instruments, large and small.

We’ve worked with hundreds of music programs in high schools and universities across the country to help them store their musical instruments. We can help you with open shelving, locked storage, or even smart lockers for spaces with students coming and going.

How we can help your music department

  • Cabinetry designed to store instruments, from Tubas to Trombones
  • Secure storage when you need it, open shelving where you don’t
  • Locker systems for students to keep their gear and instruments for easy storage
  • Cabinets designed with acoustics in mind for when your storage and practice share the same space

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Your design of the shelving units for our drum line equipment, jazz band equipment and other miscellany has helped us retain more classroom space. The shelving systems are sturdy, and are able to hold more than enough weight for our purposes. I give you and your company my highest endorsement.

– Charles Staley, Fine Arts Chair

Band Instrument Storage

Large instrument storage for your band

Instruments weren’t designed to be stored, they were designed to be played. It isn’t easy to put a drum on a shelf or a cello in a locker, but you need somewhere to safely store them when they aren’t in use. We design custom shelving tailored to your needs, so your students will have a place to keep their instruments, and your space will stay tidy and organized.


  • Adjustable shelving
  • Optional depths of 24″, 30″, and 36″
  • Widths of 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″, 54″, 60″,  and 72″
  • Bottom shelf level can be open to the floor, so your Timpani and other items can roll right in!

Storage made for musical instruments

String Instrument Storage


Storage cabinets designed from the ground up for safeguarding string instruments.

  • Option steel grill or laminate doors for securing instruments
  • Padded grommet for bass and cello spikes
cello storage locker empty
cello storage locker

Band Lockers


Lockers can be used for both marching band gear or securing instrument storage in your music room. These lockers can be designed to store instruments, as well as marching band or choir garments.

  • Instruments are for sound. Our lockers are for security with solid wood, or grill doors.
  • Lockers are offset to dampen unwanted sounds in the practice room.

More Instrument Storage Options

SCN music room

Secure doors

Protect your instruments with roll-up tambour doors. These doors are simple to open and close, and are a great option for securing open shelving.

cello storage mobile cart

Mobile Carts

Durable and portable protection for your most fragile instruments. These racks allow you to store, protect and transport your string instruments safely.

Mobile Percussion Workstation e1506611378311

Percussion Carts

Easily store and transport your percussion instruments, featuring heavy-duty castors, four chenille lined drawers for smaller items, and large lower compartments for the bigger instruments.

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