Mail Satellite Stations

Collate and Distribute Inbound and Outbound Mail.

Efficient and organized document distribution centers are essential to any profitable organization. Mail satellite station systems collate and distribute inbound and outbound mail and other documents away from the central mail facility, and are the ideal support stations for network printers, copy machines, and other active document areas.

Find out how we can improve your mailroom efficiency:

Sustainable Casework

Our philosophy has always been one of making the best possible use of space while occupying the least possible footprint. We’re dedicated to help protect our planet’s natural resources for the benefit of future generations. We’re thankful to have our partner companies, like Hamilton Casework Solutions and Spacesaver, that share the same green mentality and continuously work toward more green initiatives. At Bradford Systems, we gladly offer all our clients green alternatives to their current storage systems, ranging from designated trash and recycling areas to manufacturing practices and products that use an average of 75% recycled materials. Learn more about our sustainability efforts by clicking here.