Employee Lockers

Upgrade Your Personnel Organization and Security with SmartLock Storage

With the growing popularity of open office layouts and creative workspaces, day lockers dedicated for employee storage are the latest necessity in office privacy and storage innovations. Ideal for any corporate workspaces, these beautiful laminate and wood lockers compliment their surroundings and utilize identification technology to take team member organization and security to the next level.

In addition to commercial use, day lockers are also a popular choice for private offices, board and meeting rooms, and employee break rooms or changing spaces within the healthcare, government, public safety, library, and education industries.

SmartLock Innovation and Privacy

We use the current security technologies to ensure that employee lockers both fit aesthetically within the workspace as well as have top-performing functionality.  Our lock mechanism options include the RasLock system by Lowe & Fletcher and the BeCode system by Beloxx.

RAS Digital Combination Lock

RAS is a simple and secure digital lock with an emergency override key that gives the system manager the ability to assign user codes from a remote location using an online database. Benefits of the digital combination system eliminates the need for users to carry keys and reduces running costs caused by local service calls to change lock codes.

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BeCode Keyless RFID Lock

The BeCode keyless lock systems offer a hassle-free solution for increased security and reliability whether placed in public buildings, hospitals, or offices with no fixed workplace assignment.  When it comes to intuitive operation and simple administration the BeCode system offers quality protection; it is virtually maintenance free, and purposely designed. Benefits include an extremely long lifespan with integrated energy management,  wireless installation, and protection against vandalism.

Day Lockers for Employees

From architectural firms to banks, business owners are choosing day lockers for employee-accessible storage. Manufactured by Hamilton Sorter, the leader in modular casework design, these employee lockers feature durable laminate cabinetry in various colors and hardware options to compliment your office design.

Their aesthetic appeal means they don’t have to stay hidden from office visitors and clients; many workplaces feature them “front of house” and in office reception spaces as a unique addition to the overall space. With the help of the storage experts at Bradford Systems, day lockers can be configured and customized into various widths, depths, and heights—fitting seamlessly into your current space.

Digital Lock Technology

Employee lockers ensure the complete safety of your team’s personal belongings. Using state-of-the-art digital locking devices, these lockers feature an identification card technology system to keep everything 100% secure—including winter coats, confidential files, work computers, and more. The digital lock system options are fully programmable by a master key, making this technology the perfect solution for workplaces who have rotating staff or public access.

Grant Thornton Office Redesign

Bradford Systems teamed up with Grant Thornton, one of the world’s leading organizations in independent audit, tax, and advisory firms, to reimagine their Manhattan and Chicago offices using modular casework design.

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