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Improve your Office with Upgraded Employee Lockers​

We offer many different employee locker types that are perfect for workplace lounges, locker rooms, labs, refrigerated areas, or any space where your employees need secure storage. Get steel lockers for rugged durability, or high-pressure laminate for any office setting. We can design employee locker storage for your staff that accommodates your company’s needs, and creates a positive office environment that improves your employees’ well-being.

Popular employee locker offerings include:


  • Day use locker rooms, common in industries such as public safety & business offices
  • Smart locker rooms, common in industries such as pharmacy & education
  • Free use or assigned staff lockers to store personal belongings
  • Locker management technology for restricting access or tracking usage
  • Fitness room locker facilities for companies offering health & fitness amenities

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Employee Day Lockers

Also known as day-use lockers, these employee lockers feature durable laminate or steel cabinetry in various colors and hardware options to compliment your office design. Many industries from architectural firms to banks are choosing to install day lockers for their employee-accessible storage, stylish looks, and ease of operations.

Their aesthetic appeal means they don’t have to stay hidden from office visitors and clients; many workplaces feature them “front of house” and in office reception spaces as a unique addition to the overall space. With the help of the storage experts at Bradford Systems, day-use lockers can be configured and customized into various widths, depths, and heights—fitting seamlessly into your current space. 

Choosing the right lock system is just as important as the lockers. Based on your needs, Employee lockers are accessible through RFID, Smartphones or Pin Combinations

Employee Smart Lockers

Some offices require a functioning smart locker bank for employees to charge their phones or computers and store their belongings throughout the day. Other workplaces, like labs and pharmacies, need a secure employee smart locker system to track where and when any given specimen sample is accessed using a locker audit trail. The possible functions of our employee smart locker systems are truly impressive and can innovate any dull workplace.

One of our favorite offerings for smart locker rooms are high quality steel lockers that can be configured to fit any personnel requirements. Our steel lockers are secure enough to store uniforms, electronics, lab samples, firearms, and other gear. The customization is nearly endless, including:

  • Ventilation and temperature control to improve airflow and cut down on odors
  • Custom powder coat paint finishes and graphics wraps
  • Garment hangers for shirts and coats
  • Internal USB power charging
  • Integrated audit trail capabilities for tracking and maintenance scheduling

Configurations for any office

Built-in Storage

Upgrade existing lockers or turn unused wall space into productive storage. Create a custom look with finishes that match your space.

Room Partition

Help break up your open office floor plan with a partition wall with built-in day use lockers for your workforce.

Storage Island

An island creates counter height surface, adding more workspace and more storage to your office.

Skokie Police Department Locker Room

Our team has designed many functional locker room spaces across many industries, especially public safety. One of the first systems that Skokie P.D. looked to improve was the storage for their officers—starting with their locker rooms. In the previous building, officers’ locker room offered minimum and narrow storage that didn’t have a place for all of the officers’ personal and professional items. With the new locker system in place, they were able to double the amount of storage at their disposal.

“A properly designed locker goes a long way toward the creation of a positive working environment. The lockers have had a huge impact of morale, and the attention to detail has paid off.”

Barry Silverberg, Chief of Police

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