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Digitization for education professionals is by far the most inevitable change our schools and universities will go through in the next few years. Educational institutions are having to handle more applications than ever before due to the exponential growth of people going to school, not to mention the staff required to educate those students. With each student’s file having a record of enrollment, admission, meal plans, billings, onboarding, and many more educational records, the time to digitize is now to ensure your institution can grow at scale.

The first step to any digital transformation journey is making sure you have a safe, quick & controlled method of transferring your physical files to digital format. With our extensive experience scanning documents for clients in other high-volume document industries like finance, legal, and human resources, we’re able to abide by the most strict regulations of document scanning, records retention schedules, digital data preservation & more across any state. Let Bradford Digital help re-evaluate your education delivery systems by establishing an improved workflow model, focused around digitization and in compliance with FERPA, to encourage your students, your staff, and you, to go digital.


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Education Digitization Service Highlights

Scholastic Document Scanning

We understand many schools & universities try to give the best learning experience to their patrons while maintaining a very tight budget. The good news is our document scanning solutions have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. As your files are transferred to digital format, we’re able to establish a comprehensive document management system (DMS) — or seamlessly integrate into your own DMS — to develop a workflow system that accommodates your staff and student’s needs. Our secure scanning solutions benefit the way your institution can:

  • Classify and store records in a FERPA compliant document management system
  • Ensure all records are retained or destroyed per legal compliance requirements, reducing your off-site storage costs
  • Accurately track, search, manage & maintain your digital & physical records’ life cycles, whether created or transferred
  • Comply and retain required educational records for the correct lifetime
  • Provide an audit trail and reporting on all types of scholastic records
  • Improve productivity in and out of the classroom
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Educational Records Retention & Compliance

In education, records used to be limited to just physical paper, but today, a record is considered to be anything from emails to social media posts to class lecture recordings. All of this information needs to be properly stored and managed through an effective information governance system up to the task of handling your institution’s massive volume of academic documents. These sensitive records must also be managed in compliance with digital data regulators like ISO and NIST to avoid getting hit with a barrage of legal fees that could hinder your education delivery.

Special Archives Preservation Grants

Many organizations, education included, are pushing for the digital preservation of special archive collections & outdated legacy formats, so much so that grants are being given to companies in nearly any industry. For example, since 2015, the Council of Library and Information Resources (CLIR) has awarded roughly $4 million/year to institutions holding collections of high value for research, teaching, and learning through their Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives grant. Organizations like CLIR focus on digitizing rare and unique content in collecting institutions, like universities, museums, and many more, with the ultimate goal of being readily accessible to the public.

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