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Thoughtful Digitization for Human Resources

Our digitization for human resources departments & organizations provide you high-quality data analytics to improve & facilitate your employee administration. Services like our fast, secure & reliable document scanning can help your HR department recruit & retain better talent, ease onboarding processes, and improve future training & development.

What’s most important for HR documents is the security and access to these sensitive records. Because of this, we’ve established a team of HR digitization experts focusing on building a state-of-the-art document management system (DMS) that abides by PII compliance standards like ISO, CCPA, and even GDPR. We can also migrate your HR files from our secured location back to your own DMS and provide you all the aforementioned retention & compliance benefits.


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Human Resource Digitization Highlights

Elevated Document Scanning Security

Human resource records require very stringent records scanning regulations involving proper security, quality, & control. For this reason, these files must be kept well protected and safeguarded from data breaches and unauthorized access. When we digitize for HR, our established document scanning experts take your files to a safe, secure & controlled environment in our state-of-the-art headquarters, or we do it on-site. In this highly-monitored area our HR digitization pros will quickly scan, revise, and improve your files using advanced optical character recognition before migrating them back to your institution’s database.

  • Classify and store records in compliance to any industry regulations
  • Accurately track, search & manage your digital & physical records’ life cycles
  • Retain required human resource records for the correct timeframe
  • Provide an audit trail and reporting on all types of HR records
  • Relocate and reduce your off-site storage costs
  • Remain highly regulated and avoid steep HR compliance fees.
Document Types
Information Governance

Powerful Information Governance

An effective information governance (IG) system ensures compliance with laws and regulations, mitigates risks, and protects sensitive customer and company data. IG and records management encompass some of the most important procedures in any type of organization, dealing with the proper creation, retention, storage, and destruction of records. Your records management policies tie in directly with your governance procedures in the way you manage existing data storage, whether physical or digital. Our HR information governance consultants will help your business by:

  • Reducing data storage and retrieval costs
  • Providing onsite and offsite scanning so you can digitize paper records
  • Establishing a proper HR document management system
  • Avoiding legal fines and preparing for audits
  • Preventing costly data breaches & more

HR Records Retention & Industry Compliance

Part of representing a diverse portfolio of clients across multiple markets is comprehending every industry’s records retention & compliance standards that apply to your organization’s human resources. Our long, proven history of working with and understanding these various industries have given us a sharp advantage on the best practices in nearly every field. Below are some examples of industry-specific & global regulating organizations we abide by.

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