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Company records are some of the most private, valuable, and sensitive documents in any field. These assets have to be treated like million-dollar paintings, that is, you don’t just throw it into the back of a U-Haul and go. A safe and controlled form of transport has to be in place so there’s little to no risk of those files getting lost along the way. Bringing us in for your relocation services also allows us to provide you ideas on how to improve your current information governance and digitization processes, archiving of files, and even improving your inventory organization & technology.

A Smoooooooth Operation

It’s common to see growing businesses move from one location to another, but what’s most important for these rapidly-growing companies, is the security & scalability of the business on the move. We prepare for these relocations by mapping and planning out the move beforehand to decide how much security & control will be needed on the file move. Modern tracking solutions like RFID and barcode tracking of both, individual files and fully-loaded records carts, give us an advantage by keeping your files safely visible and readily accessible at all times throughout the entire relocation process. Doing this lets us keep your collection in the exact same order you had it or — if there’s no order — we reevaluate the structure of each collection and advise you on the best possible method of labeling and sequencing your information management administration.

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Relocation Services Highlights

Between the plentiful benefits of our relocation and tracking services and our full digitization suite offerings, we’ve highlighted some of the most impressive features:

  • Dedicated project team
    • Relocation specialist
    • Technical/Information technology specialist
    • Project management
    • Security & compliance officer
  • Audit & inventory services
  • Asset tracking
  • Consulting, pre-project & post-project planning
  • Special handling of rare books, sensitive materials & media collections
  • Retention & destruction schedules
  • File conversions
  • Collection merging
  • HIPAA certification
  • CJIS compliant
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