Automotive Storage Solutions

Upgrade your automotive storage with vertical and high-density options

Modula vertical storage and Spacesaver high-density products are game changers in the automotive space. We’ve helped our clients expand their parts and service storage while streamlining operations. Vertical storage allows for auto dealers or parts manufacturers to store vastly more in less space. Our dealers love it because they can keep an inventory of their most in-demand part within 10 feet of their service counter.

High-density solutions from Spacesaver, such as their ActivRac line can reduce the space taken by not only parts inventory, but also larger items such as tires. Auto dealers and mechanics will find the ActivRac series perfect for tool storage and parts inventory, and also save them space on the shop floor.

Benefits of vertical & high-density storage:

  1. SPACE SAVINGS: Dramatically reduce the size of your parts area
  2. PRODUCTIVITY: Get needed parts to your techs faster
  3. ERGONOMICS: No climbing, bending or reaching for parts
  4. SECURITY: High value parts stored in a secure environment
  5. ACCURACY: Fulfill parts orders accurately
  6. EFFICIENCY: Improve overall inventory management

Learn more about our automotive storage solutions:

Vertical Lift Modules

Take your storage to new heights

The benefits Modula vertical lift modules are two-fold. An obvious benefit is the sheer amount of storage they can provide in such a small footprint. Vertical storage will also enable automation in your storage warehouse. Their systems are compatible with most ERPs, making them ideal for parts suppliers and manufacturers. Auto dealers love them because of how streamlined they make their parts and service environments.

Increase Capacity with High-Density Storage

Expansion or relocation aren’t the only options to increase capacity of your storage. High-density storage can provide double the storage per square foot. Avoid millions of dollars of a potential relocation by upgrading your storage and warehouse systems.

High-density storage is a simple idea that can have a huge impact of your business. According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, service and repair account for 60% of car dealership net profits. Investing in high-density storage can streamline and optimize your parts and service operations.

Picking Time Optimization for Subaru New England

Discover how better optimize your warehouse picking time through Modula’s Vertical Lifts solution: our Vertical Automated Storage Systems helped Subaru of New England to recover space and increase the productivity of the whole warehouse.