Business Process Outsourcing

Efficient & Effective Business Processes Outsourcing

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has commonly been associated with marketing, payroll, and IT services. People think of outsourcing their most mundane tasks no matter how long it takes to learn, but what’s most important in outsourcing is the efficiency of your chosen outsourcing partner. Back office tasks such as document management activities, forms processing, document classification, and other repetitive tasks directly impact headcount, expediency and customer service. Our BPO solutions team will help your company focus on work that matters to you. We work in a high-production, results-driven environment with stringent training programs, and we’re able to perform tasks that may require increased headcount and longer processing times with other firms.

Secure & Compliant Business Process Outsourcing

Efficiency isn’t our only priority.  Processing sensitive information is a key component of our services. Providing services on-site or off-site, our teams undergo stringent security training, federal level fingerprint background checks, and security training in multiple compliance areas such as CJIS, HIPPA, FINRA, and more. We also process in a controlled environment from physical access to off network processing.

BPO Services include:

  • Weekly, monthly, or quarterly document scanning
  • Forms processing and data extraction
  • Document & file audits
  • Document classification
  • Information governance & data exchange within legacy systems
  • File room management

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Business Process Outsourcing to Improve Workflow

Our approach to workflow automation

We help our clients develop and execute a series of automated actions for a business to improve their everyday processes. When your work flows, you can concentrate on getting more done and focusing on the things that matter most for company growth and success. This applies to paper, electronic and hybrid systems. Workflow automation is a key component of our outsourcing capabilities. Our team of business process outsourcing experts are able to analyze specific workflows within your departments and launch trained staff to improve and execute those tasks.

BPO Document Types Processed

  • Loan Documents
  • HR Documents
  • Accounts Payable / Receivable
  • FERPA-compliant Student Records
  • HIPAA-compliant Medical Records
  • Repair orders
Business Process Outsourcing

BPO Solutions by Market


Our staff performs document maintenance and tracking in multiple departments.

  • Compliance documents for employee personal account information & regulatory filings
  • Accounting documents for vendor invoices & bank statements
  • Investor documents for subscriptions, redemptions, & correspondence
  • Legal documents for corporate agreements, trade agreements, & private placement agreements
  • Tax & treasury documents for company, employee, and IRS tax requirements

Human Resources

Our staff performs document maintenance and tracking in multiple departments.

  • Processing documents and addressing HR requests for information.
  • Receiving and tracking documents received electronically within the business unit.
  • Document audit and form verification
  • Document classification by type
  • Scanning, upload and update within clients’ HRIS


Our staff performs document maintenance and tracking in multiple departments.

  • Processing documents and addressing medical record requests for information.
  • Document classification by type
  • Document scanning, upload and updating within clients’ ERM
  • Compliance with HIPAA regulations
  • Experience handling PII

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