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We are the first filing and storage specialist focused on the needs of schools’ music departments. Whether you’re a high school in need of sheet music storage overhaul, or a university updating your music library we have the solutions you need. We specialize in sheet music storage systems that maximize space and preserve your sheet music library in a clean, tidy appearance. Our music filing systems will save you time hunting for the piece of music you’re looking for, and making re-shelving a breeze. Take back valuable space! Put it to better use with our space-saving sheet music filing systems.

How we can help your music department

  • Streamlined sheet music storage that will not only save space, but make retrieval and refiling a breeze.
  • Instrument storage that can include secure tambour doors for shared spaces, and wide span shelving for large instruments.
  • Marching band uniform storage and lockers for your students.


We finished converting over to the new music filing system at the end of last school year and it is really every bit as amazing as everyone said it would be. I am VERY pleased. Locating and replacing music is quick and effortless, the way it should be for all music teachers.

Natan Simon, Paradise Valley School District

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Music Storage Solutions

SCN sheet music filing

Sheet Music Storage

We design an effective storage system at a reasonable cost. Our efficient system will save you space and time, helping your music department focus on what matters—the students! Our music filing systems will help you:

  • Reduce stress and frustration of managing your music library
  • Increase the amount of valuable space for your music storage
  • Reduce time spent looking for a particular score
  • Improve your music departments image in the eyes of parents, students, and boosters
large instrument storage

Music Instrument Storage

Fitting a tuba on a shelf isn’t easy, but we can help! We can install wide-span shelving that be the perfect storage for your instruments—string, wind, and even your percussion pieces. Need secure storage? We can do that too by using custom lockers with locks, or pull-down tambour doors for secure music storage.

  • Keep your instruments neat and tidy in custom shelving
  • Optional secure storage will keep your school’s, or student’s instruments safe
  • Reduce clutter and create a better music space for your students
mobile cart band uniforms

Marching Band Uniform Storage

Similar to how we design athletic storage for sports teams, we can create a sleek, functional storage solution to house your band uniforms. Keep your band’s jackets, shakos, pants, and sashes neat and tidy. Or you’re running low on space, we can use high-density shelving to create more storage in the same amount of space.

  • Storage is available in moveable garment carts, or fixed standing cabinets
  • Increase the amount of valuable space for your band uniforms
  • Give your marching band the functional storage they deserve

Case Study

University of North Carolina School of Music Library

UNC music library

Reinventing How the Benjamin F. Ward Music Library Stores Sheet Music

In addition to typical stacks, collaboration areas, and study rooms, the building also houses the Benjamin F. Ward Music Library, a highly specialized “library within a library” that contains 50,000 sound recordings, 55,000 musical scores, and thousands of pages of sheet music.

Sheet music libraries require unique storage in order to provide accessibility for patrons and staff, protect the materials, and make smart use of available space.