The Power of Digital Locks

Our innovative locking systems are valued across many industries, including hospitals, universities, commercial sites and leisure facilities.  Eliminating the problems of jammed locks, members losing their keys or coins, or leaving their gym kit locked up for days, these electronic locking systems for lockers give operators complete control over locker systems that are extremely user-friendly for you and your customers.

Whether you’re a leisure operator, corporate office, student facility, hospital or mailroom/package delivery, we can help you find a way to simplify your operations and create a seamless customer experience.


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The Benefits of Digital Locks for Lockers

Features at a glance:

  • Easy to Use: With audible user feedback provided when opening and closing, users know their things are safe. Each system provides a clear status display showing locker availability in real time.
  • RFID/NFC Credentials: All locking systems operate with NFC-enabled, phones, cards, and wristbands and are built to work with and leverage international standards based technologies.
  • User-FriendlyOur lockers deliver an excellent user experience every time, so your customers will love them
  • Safe & Secure: Your customer’s valuables are always safe and secure.
  • Modular System: Choose from a networked solution for impressive functionality or reliable battery-powered option depending on your scale and budget.
  • Cost Savings: Our lockers deliver an excellent users experience every time, so your customers will love them.
  • 24/7 Flexibility: Multiple locker modes provide the flexibility to make all lockers available or to individually assign or rent lockers for a defined period.
  • Hassle-FreeNo PIN numbers for customers to remember, no mechanical keys to lose or break, or padlocks to carry around or leave at home. Both users and operators benefit from streamlined simplicity.

Watch a remote allocation system (RAS) in action

Lowe & Fletcher’s RAS system is one of many remote locker allocation systems available with a custom smart locker system. Remote allocation allows for easy locker management, reduces maintenance, and eliminates lost or missing keys or pin codes.

Featured Locks

We carry the best locks on the market. The locks featured below are our standard offerings, but we’re able to supply nearly any lock that meets the needs of your storage solution.

Ojmar OCS Smart Lock

OCS Smart Lock Single

A revolutionary lock that utilizes touchless Bluetooth technology for easy access and management. No cables, just a long-lasting 5-year battery that’s ready straight out of the box.

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Ojmar NLX 1

Ojmar NLX1 250x250 1

One of our most advanced locking solution. Real-time wireless locking system. Wi-Fi enabled online locker lock without cables.

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Ojmar OTS Advance

Ojmar OTS Advance 250x250 1

The technological alternative to mechanical locks. The OTS Advance can be integrated to access control systems & cashless rental payments with a 7-year battery life.

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Ojmar Combi

Ojmar Combi Lock 250x250 1

Four-digit batteryless mechanical combination lock with a modern design. Integrated handle & code finder perfect for wet or dry areas in free or assigned modes.

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Ojmar OCS Pro

OCS Pro Silver 250x250 1

The OCS®PRO is the latest generation of touch keypad lock from Ojmar; now with enhanced features, function and style.

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L&F DCL 3780

3780 360x270 1

The digital combination lock (DCL) 3780 is an easy to use and versatile digital code locking system that eliminates the need for keys.

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L&F ADA DCL 3782

3782 360x270

The ADA compliant digital combination lock 3782 is an affordable locking solution to the ADA guidelines on accessibility.

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L&F Gemini 3700


The Gemini 3700 digital combination lock is an easy-to-use electronic lock that is available in digital or mechanical models.

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Horizon 3950

LF Horizon

The Horizon digital lock is a slimline, small footprint lock with an ultra modern look and feel. It’s easy to install and simple to operate.

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Pulsar RFID 3786

Pulsar RFID Digital Combination Lock 3786 360x270

Pulsar RFID DCL 3786 provides contactless RFID locking in a slim and attractive footprint that used independently or with a wireless system.

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2800 Mechanical

2800 GREY 500x500

The 2800 mechanical lock is a 4-wheel combination lock featuring up to 10,000 unique combinations, suitable for lockers and office furniture.

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Zephyr Keypad

2254 1

Zephyr keypad locks are ADA compliant, and engineered to work on all standard metal single point, box locker, gravity latch, wood, and laminate lockers.

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Keyless 360

Keyless 360 Knob

With Keyless 360 the user only has to remember the self-selected one letter, one number combination, eliminating need to memorize a long combinations is completely eliminated.

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keyless 1

Keyless1 offers an adapted version that meets ADA compliance requirements by charging the center knob out for an elongated lever that can be operated without grasping.

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Axis Keypad

digilock axis keypad

Axis electronic lock solutions minimize management, enhance personal storage, and are perfect for securing belongings in a shared-use space.

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Axis Touch RFID

digilock axis RFID

Axis Touch RFID locks are ideal in shared use functionality to secure day-use lockers. These locks allow lockers to be managed through a mobile application.

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Gantner NET.Lock 7000

gantner 7000 lock

Gantner’s GAT NET.Lock 7000 is the most flexible wireless networked lock available. Users can be identified by the lock via contactless RFID or NFC technology.

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Gantner NET.Eco 7000

gat net eco 6500

With the GAT ECO.Side Lock 7000, lockers can be electronically locked and unlocked by simply pressing the locker door shut and holding a RFID tag on the locker door.

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Zephyr 2310 Keypad


Our 2310/2315 lock is a highly versatile and cost-effective lock that have an incredible battery life, long-term reliability, and a simple user interface.

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L&F Ello Latch

ELLO latchlock

Secured with a padlock, the ELLO is versatile enough to be used on lockers, cabinets, general enclosures and many other applications.

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Optional USB Charging Built In

Add value to your locker systems by offering USB charging to enable people to charge their devices while they are being stored. With the Gantner ECO 7020 lock, you can charge any device that can be plugged in via USB — mobile phones, tablets, headphones and other accessories.

usb charging smart locker

GANTNER ECO.Lock Manager Software Application

The GAT ECO.Lock Manager software application allows the management of data carriers and the display of the occupancy situation and bookings in locker systems that are equipped with GANTNER battery-powered electronic locks.

Gantnersoftware 1

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