Modular Casework

Flexibility Paired with Durability

From steel laboratory casework and laminate pharmacies, to custom-designed reception desks and nurse stations, modular casework offers flexibility and durability that is unmatched by traditional millwork. Whatever your space or storage needs, we have a modular casework product for you.

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Casework Applications

example tmicasework lab 1

Laboratory Casework

Whether you need clinical, educational, research, or industrial storage, steel and laminate laboratory-grade cabinets are your answer.

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Pharmacy Casework

This flexible laminate casework is designed to change with the evolving technology and uses of the modern pharmacy.

example modularcasework general 1

General Casework

From exam room storage to office desking and everything in between, high quality laminate casework can solve your storage issues.

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Reception Desks

As the first thing a guest sees upon entering your space, it’s crucial you create a productive but aesthetically pleasing area  — modular casework is your answer.

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Stainless Steel Casework

This welded, riveted, or mechanically fastened steel casework is completely customizable so it can change as your needs do.

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Mail Center Casework

With a wide variety of accessories and design options, modular casework can easily improve efficiency in your mail center.

Sustainable Casework

Our philosophy has always been one of making the best possible use of space while occupying the least possible footprint. We’re dedicated to help protect our planet’s natural resources for the benefit of future generations. We’re thankful to have our partner companies, like Hamilton Casework Solutions and Spacesaver, that share the same green mentality and continuously work toward more green initiatives. At Bradford Systems, we gladly offer all our clients green alternatives to their current storage systems, ranging from designated trash and recycling areas to manufacturing practices and products that use an average of 75% recycled materials. Learn more about our sustainability efforts by clicking here.

Modular vs. Built-in Casework

Choosing Modular Casework over traditional built-in millwork has countless advantages. Aside from better quality materials and increased durability, modular casework will cost you less over the life of the product.

Modular Casework Specs

Modular CaseworkModular MillworkBuilt-in Millwork
Core MaterialParticleboardParticleboardParticleboard or Plywood
Body Edgebanding3mm1mm1mm
Front Edgebanding3mm3mm1mm
Construction MethodPin + CamGlue + DowelGlue + Dowel, Screws, Nails
ToekickIndependent with LevelersIntegralIntegral
Finished all sides?YesNoNo
Easily Repairable?YesNoNo
Depreciation?7 years7 or 31 years31 years
WarrantyLifetime (parts + labor)Lifetime (parts)None