Redefining Secure Digitization for Government & Federal Agencies

Digitization for government entities has quickly become a priority of our nation’s federal agencies. With more than 1 billion sensitive documents to handle and multiplying by the day, the protection and preservation of these archives are not only essential but a matter of national security for both civilians and businesses.

In an effort to keep up with the digitization of the business world, the federal government has announced various efforts to become paperless, like the Presidential Directive on Managing Government Records and the recently released memo from the Office of Management and Budget instructing all U.S. government agencies to “transition record-keeping to a fully electronic environment that complies with all records management laws and regulations,” by the end of 2022. Thankfully, Bradford Digital is readily prepared and well-equipped to help these agencies in their digital transformation process with an intensive focus on aligning with nationwide compliance regulations, reducing information governance risk, and securely scanning physical files to digital formats.


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Digitization for Government Highlights

Fast & Secure Document Scanning

The first step to digitizing is making sure you have a safe, quick & controlled method of transferring your physical files to digital. Thanks to our extensive experience working with clients in other high-security industries like banking, legal and human resources, we’re able to abide by the most stringent regulations of archive retention schedules & digital data preservation. What’s more, is with the government’s push for paperless, we can also advise you on potential grants that can help you pay for these services like the NCHIP & NARIP government grants. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can even safely scan and store the most unique sensitive materials like microfilm, drawings & blueprints, historically significant documents & more.

Document Transfer
Connected Security

Upholding Retention & Compliance in Government

Information in any government or federal agency has the highest security importance in the world. For that reason, our approach ensures that we are 100% compliant with the industry’s most stringent digital and legal regulations. A minor compliance mistake could land you in a heap of trouble not only legally, but financially as well. Our team of government-industry experts will research, launch & continuously develop your retention schedules, security standards, access protocols, and everything pertinent to government regulations. Check out the list below for more services related to keeping you in compliance:

Records & Information Management

Records used to be limited to just physical paper, but today, a record is considered to be anything from emails to social media posts. All of this information needs to be properly conserved and managed through an effective information governance system up to the task of handling the massive volume of government documents. Bradford Digital can either merge & migrate, or develop a sweeping document management solution in compliance with NARA standards and CJIS security policies. This allows for easy file search & discovery, improved record access tracking, and perhaps most importantly, reducing your physical and digital footprint by the 2022 deadline.

Document Sorting Resize

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