Pharmacy Modular Casework and Storage Systems

Effectively designed cabinets and high-density pharmacy shelving and storage systems reduce the time required to fill patient prescriptions, resulting in more efficient operations and improved patient care. Enhancing workflow in the pharmacy department includes quick and easy access to a variety of pharmaceuticals in both, unit dose and bulk format. These materials must be readily accessible from the shelf and cabinets for healthcare providers to stay on top of their game.

Bradford’s design teams include experts in pharmacy high-density shelving, cabinet, and storage systems that reduce the time required to fill patient prescriptions. Our unit dose bin systems put more drugs in reach very quickly. Color-coded bin systems group pharmaceuticals by type making it easy to get drug dispensing finished quickly. Specialty high-density bulk storage makes visual location easier while also maintaining sterile environments where needed.

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Featured Pharmacy Storage Products

Wire Racking

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High Density Shelving

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Modular Bins

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