Product Specifications

Specifications for a Perfectly Planned Project

Our product specifications provide all the information you need to plan and accommodate any of our Spacesaver manufactured products. We understand the challenges architects and designers face when planning multiple projects across various markets and we want to help streamline this task. On this page you’ll find downloadable product specifications we have created for you to use in your design and project planning process. Here you will find manufacturer standards, technical specifications and more.

Your Complete Project Toolkit

We’ve found when we work together with the architecture & design community, this partnership helps us develop the most brilliant, beautiful and functional custom storage solutions for our clients. In doing so, our partners at Spacesaver have amassed a generous collection of downloadable BIM objects to make your drafting more efficient and accurate. Or, if you’re looking to learn more about our equipment offerings, click the button below to browse by product.

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Cantilever Shelving Specifications

Cantilever shelving harper college

ActivRAC 7M Specifications

ActivRAC 7M in UofW

Day Use Locker Specifications

Day Use Locker Office

Case-Type Shelving Specifications

Case Type Shelving Drawing

ActivRAC 7P Specifications

ActivRAC 7P System

Evidence Lockers Specifications

Pass-Thru Evidence Lockers

Four-Post Shelving Specifications

Four Post Shelving Drawing

ActivRAC 16P Specifications

ActivRAC 16P Mobile System

Freestyle Locker Specifications

Perforated Freestyle Lockers for PD

Wheelhouse System Specifications

Wheelhouse Mobile System

RaptorRAC Wide-Span Specifications

RaptoRAC Widespan Shelving Array

FrameWRX Shelving Specifications

FrameWRX Shelving Setup

Gun Locker Specifications

Hand Gun Locker Storage