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The first step toward a paperless office is to convert your files into digital formats. Document scanning services will transform your files into search-ready, easily-accessible digital formats on one central electronic database. By digitizing physical records, your entire organization will have the means to reduce paper waste, improve workflow productivity, and stay compliant to digital and legal requirements specific to your industry.

Fast, Secure & Efficient Document Scanning

Our corporate focus on security, control, and quality assurance let’s us do what other competitors can’t — to provide a proper document scanning environment that remains visible to the client through our step-by-step file tracking process. See what a top-level document scanning process looks like by clicking the button below.


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Our Document Scanning & Imaging Process

On-site or Offsite Scanning Preparation

Whether we’re scanning on location in your facility, or picking up the records from our office and scanning off-site, our preparation process is the same. Our team organizes and preps your records for scanning, making sure they’re ready to be scanned without any hitches.

Quality Controls

Before scanning, we verify all your records are readable by our equipment, check for missing documents or pages.  Once we checked all your documents for issues, scanning begins.

High-speed scanning

Whether it’s X-rays, police records, HR files, or any other records, we employ high speed scanners that quickly, and carefully, scan your documents. Each document is reviewed by our to for readability and accuracy.

OCR & Document Classification

We partner with Ephesoft, an intelligent capture software system that not only scans your files, but also captures the information using optical character recognition (OCR). During this process, your files will be transformed from static documents into searchable digital records.

Document Management

Your files will be saved in a format of your choice (TIFFs, PDFs, JPGs, PNG, etc.) and loaded into a document management system. We’ll design a file classification system that will make file retrieval easier, and maintaining compliance simple.

Handling Your Records

Depending on your needs, our team can either return your records, store them in one of our records storage locations, or have them securely shredded. Our team can help you determine the best way to handle your physical records based on your business needs and the records retention regulations in your industry.

Document Types
Document Sorting

Document Scanning that Fits Your Needs.

Our team can convert your file archive, whether it’s paper, microfilm, or other records. We’ll transform these old records into digital formats.

Day-forward scanning

Scanning services for newly created records. This service will ensure your organization consistently digitizes records, and gives your staff instant access.

Scan on Demand

Our most flexible plan, we will pick up and store your records in our facility. You tell us what files to scan, and when you need it. Great to help your organization accommodate remote workers.

One-time Scans

Whether you have thousands or millions of records, our team is up to the task. For some companies scanning doesn’t need to be an ongoing process. We can still help convert your paper records to digital.

FAQs for Document Scanning

Do we need to supply any equipment?

None! We’ll bring all the necessary equipment, from scanners and printers, to labels and boxes. You don’t need to worry about supplying your own.

We don't have a large facility. Can you still scan on-site?

We can adjust our team size and equipment based on the space you have available. Our team can also split tasks into groups in order to utilize smaller spaces.

How long will my scanning project take to complete?

If we’re scanning on-site at your facility, it depends on how much space is available and how large of a team we can bring. Whether on-site or off-site scanning, project length is also dependent on how many records need to be converted.

What if I need a file that your team has during the conversion?

Our team will find and retrieve any file you need. Once you’re finished, we’ll refile it for you.

What costs more, on-site or off-site scanning?

On-site scanning has added costs of a dedicated manager and equipment setup. However, sometimes those costs are offset by pickup and delivery costs of off-site scanning. We’ll work you to find the best solution.


Talk to our team and we'll get a plan together that fits your organization.

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Market Applications

Public Safety

Information in any government or law enforcement agency is of vital security importance. For that reason, our approach to even the most strict gudelines of any industry ensures that we are 100% compliant to the industry’s best digital and legal practices. A small mistake in following compliance standards could land you in a heap of trouble not only legally, but financially as well. When it comes to knowing retention schedules, security requirements, access protocols and everything compliance, we’ve got you covered.

Public Safety Officers


Our team of in-house experts have extensive experience working with some of the country’s biggest healthcare providers in managing the entire organizations’ digitization efforts. In part, this fruitful relationship has come from the confidence and trust our healthcare clients have in our team being HIPAA compliant, staying atop of new information governance regulations, and simply by being available to answer any digital transformation questions, even for the most regulated industries, like healthcare! From basic document scanning to optimized records management and even integrating multiple software into one central healthcare hub, our clients know they can rely on Bradford Digital for everything digitization.

Medical Setup

Law Firms & Legal Departments

When working with law firms and even legal departments within a company, we deal with a lot of highly classified, sensitive information. Our approach takes the trouble out of having to deal with multiple information-regulating entities by having our staff remain certified and in compliance with the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure as mandated by the U.S. Courts. This allows for peace of mind when a case evolves into information discovery, security details, document retention schedules and everything litigation.

Legal Scales

Nebraska State Patrol Success Story

Data Reachability

Nebraska State Patrol Digitizes Their Police Records

Anna Stratton, Director of Information Management Services at Bradford Digital, implemented a CJIS compliant, digital onsite scanning and digitization project of all criminal history record jackets for the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP). Through the National Criminal History Improvement Program (NCHIP), the NSP received $1.2 million in grant money to complete the project.

There was no room for error on this project due to the confidentiality of the data, and the NSP wanted a digitization and scanning team that could do the job without errors. Since the NSP didn’t have much experience with document scanning, they wanted to be sure that the chosen team would be able to guide them and answer any questions they had — and even answer questions they didn’t know to ask.

CJIS Compliant On-Site Scanning

With a staff of 25 members, all of which were certified CJIS compliant, Anna’s team developed a unique training program for the identification of over 14 document types (i.e., fingerprints, supporting documentation, rap 11/14/2017 Criminal History Record Jacket Scanning & Digitization Nebraska State Patrol sheets, pardons, dispositions, etc.). The scanning team matched documents that related to specific arrest dates that allowed officers to see a complete criminal history instantly.

Biohazard records also needed to be scanned in a safe and OSHA-compliant manner, so the team utilized CJIS controls combined with a high-security chain of custody and provided tracking for every file that moved from one task to another. Not just some files — all of them. To further ensure maximum security, a closed on-site CJIS compliant network was set up. Every staff member completed full fingerprint background checks and CJIS training.

By the completion of the project, over 300K files and an estimated 6 million images were scanned on-site in high-quality color. The scanners and scanning technology integrated with the NSP’s existing electronic document management system to further save time. The scanning team also rebuilt and secured paper files with security tape for future destruction.

The project was a huge success & the NSP continues to benefit from it today.

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