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Almost every industry has some amount of filing and records storage, but public safety, justice, and legal organizations take on more than their fair share of these storage challenges. From court and legal records at courthouses, to arrest records at police departments, to personnel files at a municipal building, public safety organizations need to think not only about legal file storage capacity, but also file security.

We offer an array of legal file storage options from Spacesaver and Trendway to ensure that your files are organized, retrievable, and secure no matter the size of your needs – or your space.

Ask us about our storage solutions for legal files:

high density file storage for a law firm

Mobile Storage

If you have a central file storage area that is running out of space or want to consolidate legal file storage space to create more room for other activities or offices, mobile storage is your best option. Mobile storage compacts your file storage into a smaller footprint and gives you the flexibility to add and subtract dividers, drawers, and carriages in the event that your needs change or your legal file storage goes digital. Plus, with multiple physical and digital locking options and Audit Trail, you can rest assured that only authorized personnel can access your files.

File Cabinets

When you have individual employees or departments that have smaller file storage needs, file cabinets and drawers are a compact and convenient way to store legal files. File cabinets are designed to accommodate everything from binders and files, to employee lunches and belongings without taking up precious office space.

Static Shelving

If you’re looking for a “no-nonsense” shelf for a central area or to line a wall, 4-post and cantilever shelving are a durable option for conventional legal file storage. All-steel construction ensures your shelves never sag from weight, and a host of optional dividers and bins allow you to reconfigure your shelving on your own as needed.

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