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Space Saving Vertical Storage.

Vertical storage solutions are the best way to make use of every inch of warehouse space you have. We don’t mean building out, we mean building up. With products like Vertical Lift Modules and automated storage and retreival systems (ASRS) from our partners at Modula, we are able to recover up to an incredible 90% of the currently used floor space. These vertical storage systems guarantee maximum storage density and employee productivity, through its state-of-the-art ergonomic design and organization.


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What are the benefits of Vertical Storage?

FAQs about Vertical Storage (click to expand)

How can vertical storage increase floor space?

Vertical storage can free up to 90% of valuable floor space compared traditional warehouse storage, giving you that much more space to reallocate toward making more revenue.

How much inventory can I store in a vertical lift module?

Each of our vertical storage lift trays can store up to 2,200 lbs regardless of width and depth of the tray. The lift’s transmission also features a steel-reinforced, toothed belt that provides a quiet, safe, and reliable solution to move at quick speeds, even with heavy trays on board.

How can I trace my inventory?

All VLM picking operations and users are monitored and logins are tracked down to specific trays, helping operators avoid picking the same goods as another operator in the warehouse. The who, when, and where are all very clear with Modula’s vertical storage units and advanced software so you never have to worry.

Can vertical lift modules (VLM) integrate with my database?

We can integrate our vertical storage systems to work fluidly with any industry’s most common software including automotive, healthcare, parts manufacturers and many more WMS, ERP, and DMS databases.

How secure are vertical lift modules?

Vertical lift modules (VLMs) are securely enclosed with an automatic door that protects stock from theft, dust exposure, humidity and other types of damage. On the user safety side, VLMs only allow access through authorized operator permissions and barcode verification, ensuring any user be properly trained in working the system.

Can vertical storage increase employee efficiency?

Our vertical lift modules, made in the USA by Modula, offer operators a centralized storage location so they spend less time scrounging for parts and more time picking, saving time and money for everyone involved.

Is vertical storage more ergonomic than other storage?

With bays for picking and placing, vertical lift modules are ergonomic masterpieces, maximizing productivity by reducing operator fatigue and potential for injury. All of our equipment is TÜV-GS safety certified, fit with physical safety barriers, and designed to bring goods to the operator by avoiding stretching, climbing, or bending for materials.

How can vertical storage improve my inventory control?

The information in our warehouse management system maintains product inventory control in real-time, so production and re-order levels can be adjusted at any point in the back-end systems and allows for a full integration with any back-end system already in place.

Can I customize my vertical lift module configuration?

Our vertical lift modules offer various bay configurations; internal, external, single, or dual, each having access to multiple additional accessories. Thanks to the VLMs modularity, these accessories can be implemented at any time throughout the life cycle of your vertical lift from visual picking aids like LED bars, to tray partitions & extensions, barcode readers, part counting scales, label printers, and even transportation carts.

Types of Vertical Storage Solutions

Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) are the highest quality vertical storage and retrieval solutions in the world, specifically created with space optimization and warehouse improvement in mind. With these systems, you’ll be able to store up to 2,000 lbs. of equipment per tray, a total of over 150,000 lbs of equipment per system. Using our VLMs we can free up to 90% of your available floor space, while also increasing picking accuracy, available storage, safety, security, and cost savings.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

As an authorized dealer of Modula automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), Bradford Systems uses the most Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems and vertical lift technology in the industry meant to streamline your warehouse space and improve your operations with the push of a button. When you choose us for your ASRS solutions, we will conduct a careful logistical analysis of your warehouse and advise you with the most suitable automatic storage for your needs, check out a video by clicking below.

From Bedlifts to Tires & Everything in Between

Vertical storage isn’t just for parts manufacturers and warehouses. Our bedlifts from Vidir Vertical Solutions is a cost effective hospital bed storage system made to store unused beds, increasing floor space and removing potential fire hazards from hospital corridors.

But it doesn’t stop there, our range of vertical storage products even extends to vertical tire carousels that save up to 70% of automotive floor space, giving you more area to place service and repair bays. According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, service and repair account for 60% of auto dealership net profits.

Sterile Supply Vertical Storage

Vertical sterile supply storage helps your organization save valuable floor space & maintain equipment cleanliness. Hospital medical device and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers are always looking at every aspect of cost optimization from supply chain logistics to manufacturing & maintenance.

Designed to meet all of these needs, vertical sterile supply storage eliminates the need to search for items and ensures that the right item is delivered to the right person, whether their in surgery, pharmacy, pathology, or any other department across the medical campus.

Case Study

The Challenge:

Innomed was experiencing issues warehousing their inventory as it arrived from manufacturing. Instruments were stored and picked from shelving, which was occupying too much floor space. Not only was their storage setup inefficient, but it was unsafe as well with employees needing to climb ladders to reach stock.

Additionally, storing their instruments is challenging because they vary greatly in size and shape, and sometimes contain odd shapes and curves. They needed a flexible storage solution that could save them space while also being safe and efficient.

The Solution:

A pair of Modula Lift ML50D vertical lift modules were deployed, and now store a wide range of manufactured inventory. In total, the two Modula VLM units provide 1659 cubic feed of storage within a 308 sq ft footprint. Each VLM module is storing approximately 2400 medical instruments.

This upgrade has allowed Innomed to recover previously used floor space, while also increasing productivity and creating an ergonomic work environment.

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