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Bradford Digital has helped clients in various industries throughout our 40+ year history, and more than 90% of our clients entrust us to continue their digital transformation journey after our initial document scanning project. Digital transformations for businesses almost always start with document imaging and digitization, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Once your files have been properly digitized, you’ll find there are many steps left to becoming a digitally-fluent organization — that’s where Bradford Digital excels above the rest.

Security. Control. Quality.

Our team brings decades of experience helping design and maintain information management solutions for clients across industries. Digitize while strengthening your regulatory compliance.

We’d like your business, but we’d love your trust. A trust that will allow us to navigate through the digital transformation process together, with a clear understanding of your company’s information management goals and an in-depth plan of action for improving (or automating) your workflows. Contact us today or download more digitization information below.

The Quintessential Paperless Office

We recognize there’s a lot more to digitizing paper than just feeding it through a scanner. That’s why we put so much effort into being entirely transparent and dependable from the first time we meet. No hidden agenda, no surprise costs, no lies; just a team of vetted, trustworthy, expert individuals focusing on the success of your digitization.

We have been honored to work on multiple projects with major universities, hospitals, and financial & legal sector organizations that have made us experts in digitization services and security-sensitive digital transformations. What’s most important is having a team of actionable and dependable people that know what the entire digitization process is like and how to alleviate the most common concerns. Click and learn more about all our digitization services below.

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