Project of the Month: Bulls & Blackhawks Merchandising Storage at United Center

Growing Merchandise Storage Needs Background Since it’s opening in 1994, the United Center has hosted over forty million guests. The United Center has hosted not only Bulls and Blackhawks home games, but concerts and events including musicians like The Rolling Stones, The Who and Paul McCartney. The venue thought it was time to upgrade capacity…

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Project of the Month: Indiana State Museum

Project of the Month  |  September 29 0 Comments

  Increasing Capacity for Their Growing Collection Background: Client: Indiana State Museum Departments: Biology,  Anthropology,  Archeology,  Skeleton,  Reference Timeline: 5/28/2017 – 8/29/2017 The original collection of the Indiana State Museum was started in 1862, during the Civil War, when State Librarian R. Deloss Brown began collecting minerals and other curiosities that he kept in a cabinet.…

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Project of the Month: Flexible Solutions for Follett

Modular Casework, Versatile & Adaptable For over 140 years, Follett has provided products and services that help make schools more efficient, giving teachers the tools to facilitate teaching their students. With the expansion of technology and its growing importance in education, Follett decided it was time to pursue new ways of working. In planning the…

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Stacking Your Hospital Beds? You Should Be.

Healthcare  |  March 10 0 Comments

Searching for effective hospital storage solutions, where extra space is always at a premium? Stop looking around, and start looking up! That’s the bright idea behind new versatile bed stacking technology for healthcare applications, and clients couldn’t be happier with the results. Read on to learn more, and find out if a vertical hospital bed…

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Affordable Solutions for Storing Priceless Works

Museum  |  February 25 0 Comments

All museums, regardless of size, resources, or theme, share one eternal challenge: space, or lack thereof. How do you display an ever-evolving collection of art and artifacts, and how do you securely store these objects for an indefinite amount of time, when space can be as priceless as the treasures themselves? The folks at Rockford…

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Increasing Efficiency in Government Buildings Pt. 1

Government  |  February 22 0 Comments

An effective government is an efficient government. The ability to manage large amounts of information – be it collecting, processing, utilizing, and storing that information – is a key driver in measuring agency efficiency. Information and records management is what we do. Bradford Systems has decades of experience assisting governmental agencies and organizations achieve optimal…

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Get 90% of Your Floor Space Back with Vertical Storage

Unfortunately, the situation is all too common these days: so many boxes, materials, and goods packed into a warehouse or workspace — and so little time and space to make things run more efficiently. Sound familiar? With our most recent partnership with Modula automated storage and retrieval technologies, we’re here to take that headache off…

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Innovative Ways to Enhance Student Spaces

Students don’t just enjoy imagination. They thrive on it. Whether it’s a kindergartner drawing pictures of nature or a college student exploring world history, imagination leads to creativity and critical thinking. At Bradford Systems, we’re in the business of imagination. Let us transform your overburdened and underused areas into enriching spaces that foster – not force…

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