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What’s Your Retention & Compliance Schedule Like?

The basis for effectively controlling your organization’s risk management comes down to three terms; achieving objectives, addressing uncertainty, and operating with integrity. If you’re at a loss for words to the question above, you’ll value having friends like us at your back. We’ll become your go-to counselors for everything retention & compliance, saving you time, money, and effort while abiding by the most stringent information governance regulations. The difference between a clerical error and being hit with a million-dollar fine can realistically depend on how well managed and maintained your records are, both digitally and on paper.

Our expert retention & compliance strategists give clients the greatest peace of mind by extensively learning first-hand about your industry’s information governance standards, data and paper retention schedules & business operating procedures. We understand the complexity and the resources needed to remain in compliance across several large and small industries, so we stay atop new market rules and regulations for you not to lose sleep at night. Bringing in the team at Bradford Digital to alleviate your company’s information management risk will reassure the protection of your staff, executive leadership, and most importantly, your clients.


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Benefits & Applications

Regulatory Compliance

The ultimate goal of organizations aiming to accomplish their regulatory efforts and comply with relevant laws, procedures, and regulations. Records are your organization’s most valuable asset. They hold an incredible amount of information which can sometimes be extremely sensitive or private. Although regulations vary between industries, a well-informed, secure, & up-to-date information governance program can establish the following compliance benefits:

  • Ensures information needed for decision making and operations is readily available
  • Ensures services are delivered in a consistent and equitable manner
  • Facilitates the effective performance of corporate activities
  • Protects the rights of the corporation, the clients and the staff
  • Provides continuity in the event of a disaster
  • Protects records from inappropriate and unauthorized access
  • Meets industry national & international statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Provides protection and support in litigation
Digital Library

An Encyclopedia of Regulations & Standards

Part of representing a diverse portfolio of clients across multiple markets is comprehending every industry and global compliance standard that applies to your organization. Our long, proven history of working with and understanding these various industries have given us a sharp advantage on the best practices in nearly every field. Below are some examples of industry-specific & global regulating organizations:

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