Public Safety Gear Lockers

Police & Military Gear Lockers for All Public Safety Needs

At Bradford Systems, we want to make things easier by making your available space work for you, and secure, durable storage lockers are an important part of that goal. From durable and accessible gear lockers to personal storage lockers that can easily be configured to fit individual needs, we know that lockers are more than metal boxes—they can be a “home away from home” for important gear and equipment.


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Gear Lockers

Whether it’s duty bags for police officers or tactical gear for military units, there are plenty of times when it’s important to have easy, immediate access to gear. Spacesaver’s durable Gear Lockers are ideal for these situations, providing quick access to needed equipment.

Locker Features

  • Made in the U.S.A. with all-steel construction
  • Interchangeable parts for easy user configurability
  • Double-wall welded doors
  • Stainless steel lock plate
  • Three lock types available: Hasp only (for padlock), keyed, or combination

Gear Lockers Create Secure Storage For Skokie PD

At the Skokie Police Department, patrol officers carry gear bags containing ticket books, weapons, ammunition, and paperwork during their shift. The department didn’t want officers to bring these bags home or leave them in a vehicle, so 47 gear lockers were built into the corridor that connects to the department’s parking garage. The lockers provided a convenient drop-off area for the patrol officers and created a way to store this gear in between shifts.

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Personal Storage Lockers

In the field, on duty, or in combat—police officers and military personnel count on knowing where their gear is at all times. But what happens to that sense of security after they’re done with their day, or with a particular mission? A secure storage system is needed—and Spacesaver’s Peronal Storage Lockers can help. FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers are customizable based on individual needs, proving a range of sizes, options, and features:

Locker Features

  • Ability to reconfigure on-site
  • Strong, durable doors, constructed with welded box construction
  • Double-wall welded doors
  • Electrical ready— outlets can be added to lockers
  • Locked compartments for small personal items
  • Air ventilation integration options
  • Drawers for boots and body armor
  • Benches and seating combination with lockers
  • Choice of single or double, plain or diamond-perforated doors

Configurable Lockers Make the Difference For Skokie PD

Designing a “home away from home” for the police officers at the Skokie Police Department was a primary request when planning their new building. 140 personal storage lockers were installed, and each two-foot-wide locker allowed each officer to personalize their space to his or her liking. The lockers included double doors that open from the middle, adjustable full-width shelves, garment hangers for personal clothes and uniforms, modular electrical components to charge radios and other devices, bracket assemblies, and a bench drawer that offered additional storage.

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