High-Density Mobile Racking

Heavy-duty mobile racking—not just for warehouses.

When you think of mobile pallet racking, you probably think of storage space in a manufacturing facility. While this type of racking is ideal in warehouse spaces, mobilized pallet racking can assist with compact storage for a variety of heavy items.

Heavy-duty mobile pallet racks, or Spacesaver’s ActivRAC® Heavy-Duty Mobile Storage System, eliminates empty aisles in your warehouse or storage area by mounting new or existing pallet racks or shelves on mobile carriages. The ability to anchor this system to existing concrete makes for a cost-effective solution for maximizing and increasing capacity in any space.

ActivRAC heavy-duty mobile systems are available in three sizes, to assist with varying degrees of load capacities: ActivRAC 7M (Mechanical) and 7P (Powered), 16P (Powered) and 30P (Powered). Learn more about the systems below.

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ActivRAC Mobile Pallet Racking Applications

  • MRO equipment and parts
  • Auto parts storage
  • Long-term evidence storage
  • Freezer and cooler storage
  • Industrial storage solutions
  • Beer keg and craft beer storage
  • Commercial printing materials

ActivRAC 7

With a load capacity of 7,000 pounds per carriage, ActivRAC 7 is available in three different types:

ActivRAC 7M (Mechanical-Assist)

Heavy loads are made easy to move with the help of an ergonomic, three-spoke handle.

ActivRAC 7M-SS (Mechanical-Assist Stainless Steel)

A stainless steel option for temperature-sensitive and clean room environments.

ActivRAC 7P (Powered)

Carriages are moved with the simple press of a button or the assistance of Touch Technology Control™, Spacesaver’s user-friendly LCD touchscreen.

ActivRAC 16P

A powered mobile racking system with a load capacity of 16,000 pounds per carriage, ActivRAC 16P is an ideal way to compact the storage of heavy items.

ActivRAC 30P

The ultimate solution for the heaviest of items, ActivRAC 30P can hold a capacity of 30,000 pounds.