Heavy-Duty Mobile Racking

Mobile racking systems—for more than just warehouses.

When you think of mobile pallet racking, you probably think of storage space in a manufacturing facility. While this type of racking is ideal in warehouse spaces, mobilized pallet racking can assist with compact storage for heavy items across many industries.

Heavy-duty mobile racks by Spacesaver, eliminate empty aisles in your warehouse or storage area by mounting new or existing pallet racks or shelves on mobile carriages. The ability to anchor this system to existing concrete makes for a cost-effective solution for maximizing and increasing capacity in any space.

Applications include:

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Benefits of Mobile Racking Systems

Save time. Save space. Increase revenue.

Increase Capacity

Conventional stationary racking, shelving, and warehouse storage requires fixed aisles that waste space.

Recover Space

ActivRAC mobile racking eliminates all but one movable aisle, saving up to 50% of your floor space in most cases.

Save Money

If you’re short on space, ActivRAC can double storage of your facility without the need to build more capacity.

Storage Systems Installed by Bradford Systems

Mobile Pallet Racking for Petdine Warehouse

Our team used a combination of static bulk storage and mobile ActivRac shelving to optimize storage for the new facility and help streamline their workflow. This combination of static and mobile shelving will help the Petdine / Pedigree team improve efficiency throughout their warehouse operations, while laying groundwork for future growth in their facility.


Cold Storage Mobile Racking for Glunz Beer Distributorship

The Glunz ownership team wanted to improve safety and organization by rethinking their keg storage. Our team explained the ActivRAC system, conducted a space analysis to determine how many barrels could fit in the cooler, and provided a quote. Four large load-bearing columns are located in the middle of the cooler, and we suggested locating the ActivRAC system inside the space enclosed by those columns. The slower-moving products are stored on the mobile ActivRac system, and the quick-moving product was placed around the perimeter.

High-Density Racking for the Field Museum

The Field Museum’s Anthropology storage area is home to thousands of objects—and no two are the same. To account for the wide variety in the artifact’s shapes and sizes, 111 mobile carriages were outfitted with a mixture of shelving, pullout racks and trays and racks for rolled textiles. A mobile racking system with a weight capacity of 12,500 pounds was installed for heavier items, which featured offset carriage controls for ease of forklift access.

Modes of Operation

How to operate your high-density racking

Mechanical Assist Control

Available with built-in safety measures, this handle allows operators to move carriage weights of 4,000 to 10,000 lbs. with only one pound of effort.


Activate system movement with the push of a button, and then enter aisles as the carriage begins to move open the requested aisle.


Spacesaver offers Touch Technology Control™, with an interactive and dynamic screen and intuitive menu and tutorials.

Bluetooth Connectivity with Your Storage

Control your powered mobile systems from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The TUSC™ Control app turns your smartphone or tablet into remote control for your powered mobile storage systems. You can open and close aisles, enter and search for items, and see the system’s safety status.

Product Details

Spacesaver ActivRAC® Heavy Duty Mobile Racking

ActivRAC 7M (Mechanical-Assist)

Heavy loads are made easy to move with the help of an ergonomic, three-spoke handle.

ActivRAC 7P (Powered)

Capable of holding up to 7,000lbs, this 7-series shelving comes with powered controls, for easy push-button operation.

ActivRAC 16P

A powered mobile racking system with a load capacity of 16,000 pounds per carriage, ActivRAC 16P is an ideal way to store of heavy items.

ActivRAC 30P

The ultimate solution for the heaviest of items, ActivRAC 30P can hold a capacity of 30,000 pounds.

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