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We are Bradford Systems

Bradford Systems is a space problem-solving company. You can find a wide range of organizations that are willing and able to supply you shelving, high-density storage equipment, casework furniture and digitization services. But you will find very few who are willing to take the time to listen and understand your needs – even fewer still who have the background, knowledge and expertise to deliver a superior solution. Bradford Systems is one of the few. Our experienced team is devoted to working hand in hand with our clients to solve storage and design problems of varying size and complexity. We design highly efficient and cost effective systems to manage materials and information.

Our job is to align the best physical and digital means of information and material storage in order to create holistic storage systems. These solutions allow our clients to work more efficiently, more effectively, and safely. Bradford Systems alleviates organizations’ storage problems through better design and organization. Whether that means implementing solutions from our brand partners or designing custom solutions, you will always benefit from our experience relieving storage spaces. Whether you need to customize your office lockers, safely preserve historic paintings, plants and artifacts, or manage transferring your physical records to digital, we will be there every step of the way.

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