Confident Digitization for Legal Departments & Law Firms

Digitization for legal departments and law firms is clearly the next big move for CEOs looking to optimize their legal industry productivity. McKinsey Global Institute research found that “data-driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable as a result.” Many growing firms have expensive real estate costs that can easily be relieved with our secure document scanning services and an improved document management solution.

The first step in any digital transformation journey is making sure you have a safe, quick & controlled method of transferring your physical files to digital. Thanks to our extensive experience working with clients in other high-security industries like finance, government, and human resources, we’re able to abide by the most stringent regulations of document scanning, retention schedules, digital data preservation & discovery. Let Bradford Digital help rethink your delivery of services by establishing an improved business model, one of focused digitization, to better serve your customers, your firm, and you.


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Legal Digitization Service Highlights

Legally Compliant Document Scanning

With your files now transferred to digital format, we establish a comprehensive, audit-proof document management system (DMS) — or seamlessly integrate into your own DMS — to develop a workflow system that accommodates your firm’s needs from discovery to billing and everything in between. Our secure scanning solutions benefit the way your law firm can:

  • Classify and store records in a compliant document management system
  • Ensure all records are retained or destroyed per legal compliance requirements, reducing your off-site storage costs
  • Accurately track, search, manage & maintain your digital & physical records’ life cycles, whether created or received
  • Retain required evidence records for potential case litigation & spend less time on manual discovery
  • Provide an audit trail and reporting on all types of records to legal entities regarding legal holds, records destruction, litigation discovery, etc.
  • Improve productivity in and out of the office
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Records & Information Management

In law, records used to be limited to just physical paper, but today, a record is considered to be anything from emails to depositions to case testimonies. All of this information needs to be properly stored and managed through an effective information governance system up to the task of handling your firm’s massive volume of legal documents. Bradford Digital can either merge & migrate, or develop a sweeping document management solution in compliance with NARA standards and CJIS security policies to improve your litigation workflows. This allows for proper handling of special record types like warrants, employment information, HIPAA-compliant medical transcripts, Personal Identifiable Information (PII) & more.

Upholding Retention & Compliance in Law

Information in any legal department or law agency has the highest security importance in the world. Our approach takes the trouble out of having to deal with multiple information-regulating entities by having our staff remain certified and in compliance with the Federal Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure as mandated by the U.S. Courts & FBI CJIS regulations regarding data encryption, personnel training, and even CJIS-compliant email communications. Our team of legal-industry experts will research, launch & continuously develop your retention schedules, security standards, access protocols, and everything pertinent to legal regulations. Check out the list below for more services related to keeping you in compliance:

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