Carbondale Police Department

Small Town PD Meets HQ Solutions

Learn How we Worked with Carbondale’s Police Chief  to Find the Ideal Police Department Storage Solutions

A small town with a population of approximately 27,000 residents, Carbondale is home to Southern Illinois University where the local Police Department was also located. Carbondale’s Police made use of an old dormitory with small lockers and less than ideal storage space for records, evidence and personal items. Given the buildings initial use, the department was constantly faced with unfortunate storage problems due to increasing need for space and organization.

Luckily, the Carbondale Police Department soon received the funding necessary for a new building and Chief Jeff Grubbs went to work to develop the best facility possible for his department. This began with copious amounts of research, visiting other public safety facilities and finding out what has and hasn’t worked for them, in order to streamline his departments new home from the onset – this led him to Spacesaver.

During his search for the right combination of storage solutions and uncovering new ways to create a Police Department that would not only increase efficiency, but ensure the best public safety for the college town, Chief Grubbs reached out to the local St. Louise based Spacesaver consultant and got us involved right away. We worked closely with the architecture and design firms from concept and design to execution and construction.

Customized Solutions for Public Safety Needs

Police departments today are faced with the increasing need for not only more storage space, but also storage solutions that will grow with their needs. From records storage and personal storage to organized spaces for apparel and secure storage for guns and ammunition, Bradford and Spacesaver’s custom solutions met all of Carbondale’s Police Department needs.

Some of these solutions included:

  • Records Storage: With cost reduction in mind from the onset, rails were set in the floor during construction with only a few high-density shelving carriages installed – allowing for easy future expansions and additions.
  • Quarternaster Storage: Spacesaver’s 4-Post shelving were fitted with hanging rods to store spare jackets and other apparel. These units can be fitted with doors, drawers, and other accessories to increase functionality.
  • Armory storage: We specially configured secured shelving inside a locked room for handguns, long guns and ammunition.
  • Temporary Personal Property Storage: Detainees’ property is secured in Spacesaver lockers located in the intake area.

Below illustrates how those goals were realized over a few specific areas, as well as other solutions that were applied.

More Carbondale Storage Solutions:

Long Term Storage,  Weapons Evidence & Hazardous Materials Storage

Long Term Evidence Storage

public safety long term evidence storage

Spacesaver’s high-density storage systems keep evidence organized and accessible over the long term. Before the move to the new facility, officers thoroughly inventoried the evidence they were storing and implemented a system to purge evidence that they were no longer required to keep.

Weapons Evidence Storage

public safety weapon evidence storage

Evidentiary weapons are stored on Spacesaver 4-Post shelving in a separate locked room. The Spacesaver shelving is configured to make the most efficient use of space.

Hazardous Materials Storage

police station hazardous materials storage 1

Hazardous materials are stored in a separate room, inside Spacesaver lockers.

Equipment Room for Patrol

police station equipment room patrol 1

Located near the staff entrance/exit, the equipment room houses report writing stations, spare radio battery storage, and forms and mailboxes. Spacesaver shelving is configured to provide easily accessible storage for duty bags, paperwork, and personal items.

Crowd Control Equipment

police department crowd control equimpment storage 1

A room adjacent to the sally port is fitted with right-sized Spacesaver shelving for gear bags and shields. Every staff member has a labeled personal protective gear bag with equipment and chest protectors, arm and elbow protectors, leg protectors, and a protective helmet.

“It all goes back into setting the standard and the culture for the organization. When the employees have a nice facility that includes nice lockers and storage solutions that fit the job duties and responsibilities, it all lends itself to being a more productive organization. Any one piece that’s missing diminishes the effectiveness of your organization or causes it to overcome things that it wouldn’t otherwise have to. And I think everybody can agree that whether it’s in their business or office space or even in their own home, if the storage is not organized and ready to go, then it’s in disarray. It lends itself to being less than a professional look and that diminishes the pride that people have in their work.”

– Jeff Grubbs, Carbondale Police Chief

More Spacesaving Solutions for a Streamlined Carbondale Police Department

Personal Storage Lockers

police station personal property storage 1

High-quality personal lockers were the Chief’s first priority in the new facility. The locker room features ADA-compliant lockers without benches as well as lockers with benches and drawers. 

Sally Port Lockers

police station temporary weapon storage

Sally port lockers provide convenient temporary weapon storage.

Special Response Lockers

police station special response lockers

Located next to the briefing room, the special response room can only be accessed by team members. Open, double-wide lockers provide quick access to gear.

Refrigerated Evidence Lockers

public safety refrigerated temporary evidence lockers

Refrigerated compartments provide secure, temporary storage for biological evidence.

Pass-Through Lockers

public safety pass throguh temporary evidence lockers

Spacesaver’s evidence lockers help ensure a secure chain of custody. Officers place evidence into these pass-through lockers from one side of a wall, allowing easy access from the evidence room.

Temporary Evidence Lockers

public safety temporary evidence lockers

Technicians working in the evidence room can access items stored in temporary evidence lockers directly, without leaving the evidence room, resulting in streamlined workflows and a more secure chain of custody.