The 3 Most Important Aspects of An Efficient Laboratory

The 3 Most Important Aspects of An Efficient Laboratory

Science laboratories have seen a quick advancement in equipment and materials over the last 50 years. Professional and aspiring scientists alike have given manufacturers plenty of feedback for what their perfect lab layout looks like as well as their preferred equipment choices. With all this in mind, we’ve put together the three most important aspects of building a most efficient laboratory.

Lab Space Planning

One of the most important details in planning a laboratory, especially in the early stages, is establishing a working layout determined by the latest technology, while still being flexible enough for future improvements. By working with architects, facilities engineers, lab managers and end users on your lab plan, we can find a perfect equipment combination to meet your needs. Prioritizing safety, accessibility and utilization are essential to guide yourself through any and all critical issues.

hamilton lab layout
Laboratory layout with stainless steel cabinets and modular casework construction

Sustainable Laboratories

A great new trend in laboratories is committing to the leading industry standards for conservation and sustainability, investing in technologies that benefit the environment, your employees, your customers and your communities. By including equipment that improves air and water quality, safety, energy, and cost savings, you can have a LEED certified lab that will remain attractive for years.

laboratory with shelving casework
Shelving additions replace typical see-thru lab cabinets for extra storage space

Modern Materials & Ergonomics

Analyze your users’ needs to determine the right product applications using the latest technology, regulations, and guidelines to lead the layout plan from concept to reality. Work surfaces in various new-age materials like epoxy resin & phenolic resin, or strong construction materials like stainless steel or plastic laminate will ensure your lab lasts a lifetime.

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