Top 5 Reasons to Choose High Density Mobile as your Storage Solution

    1. High density mobile storage saves space.

      Plain and simple this is the number one reason to choose high density mobile as your storage solution.By eliminating aisles, you can have the same storage capacity in half the space. You create more room for people and other activities, but you haven’t sacrificed storage space.

    2. High-Density Mobile Storage can be less expensive than traditional filing.

      Take the following example:

      In a 18’X30′ room we can fit 42 five drawer lateral files, providing 6,930 lateral filing inches in the space at $5 – $6 per inch.

      Regardless of the mode of operation (manual, mechanical assist or powered), you can store the same 6,930 lateral filing inches in just 32% of the space, or increase your storage capacity by 316% percent for $2 – $3 per filing inch

      Rule of thumb is that if you are using 5-7 lateral files in your work area, high-density mobile will save you more space and money (steel lateral files can cost as much as $800 a pop).

    3. Although locking devices are available on any mobile products —

      Making locking up as easy as turning one key for the entire unit, electronic programmable systems provide the ultimate in system security. With and electronic system, the touch pad can be configured to grant access to certain aisles only by someone who has the proper key code.

    4. High-density mobile units are totally customizable.

      Want to use metallic paint, wood veneer or translucent acrylic end panels? Go right ahead!

    5. High-density shelving is definitely not just for paper files.

      It is for all kinds of “stuff.” Have an extensive resource library, archival boxes of records, or even supplies to store in your office? High Density Mobile shelving can be outfitted with shelves of a variety of sizes and shapes, and incorporate drawers or even bins to fully house whatever you need to store.


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