Vertical Lift Module

Why Choose Vertical Storage?

The Vertical Storage Advantage

Upgrade your warehouse with vertical carousel storage from Modula

Companies in a wide array of competitive global industries choose automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS systems) because vertical storage offers unparalleled efficiency and space economy. Our Modula vertical carousels (compare to Kardex Remstar™ vertical carousels) maximize storage density and minimize the use of floor space, allowing you to utilize your workspace to its fullest potential. See why more companies are choosing ASRS systems to streamline their warehouse operations.

Five Benefits of Vertical Storage with Automated Retrieval (ASRS)

  1. Space economy

    Our vertical storage carousels allow you to recover up to 90% of your currently used storage space. Storage carousel and trays can be efficiently stored, and partitions and dividers within the ASRS system allows for flexibility and customization. By building your storage system up rather than out, you can maximize your work area and utilize your vertical storage space to its fullest potential.

  2. Efficiency

    Improve productivity and save time with a vertical carousel that improves accessibility to stored products and goods. With our ASRS systems, you can locate and retrieve goods with the click of a button, so employees no longer need to go back and forth throughout the warehouse to find the proper parts and products. Vertical storage carousels bring the goods directly to workers, rather than wasting valuable time sending workers to find goods. Talk to a Bradford Systems sales professional to learn how our advanced ASRS systems can improve warehouse productivity and organization.

  3. Improved Product Safety:

    Our Modula™ products offer enhanced inventory control and organization. Each vertical storage carousel is password protected, allowing only authorized operators to access use of the machine. Every operation and log-in is tracked and recorded so you can track movement of inventory down to a specific tray. Furthermore, the fully-enclosed storage carousels guaranteed protection of goods against damages and thefts.

  4. Operator Safety

    All of our vertical storage carousels are designed with operator safety and ergonomics in mind. Because ASRS systems are designed to bring the goods directly to the operator, they eliminates the need for climbing up and stretching to reach products and goods. Instead of risking injury by bending over to lift products, a vertical lift module can support and lift products. Our ergonomically designed Modula™ products reduce the risk of operator injury and fatigue, creating safer, more productive workspaces.

  5. Customizable Storage Solutions

    Our advanced line of Modula™ vertical storage carousels are customizable into 4 possible configurations to best meet the unique needs of each client. Compare our Modula™ products to Karmex Remstar™ vertical carousels! Depending on the diversity of stored products, operator needs, and workspace limitations, our storage carousels can be reconfigured to meet your specific space optimization needs.