Wood-Tek Library Shelving

Steel shelving with the warmth of wood.

Wood-Tek is the right option for your space when you need solid metal shelving, but want the look wood brings to a space. Wood-Tek is available in four stain colors, styles ranging from classic to contemporary, and includes solid wood, glass, mesh, or shaker style door fronts. The combined steel and wood construction will be strong enough to support the heaviest media, while looking elegant and sophisticated.

Wood-Tek provides unsurpassed beauty and a lifetime of value. Wood-Tek offers many advantages when compared to conventional millwork.

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Versatile Library Shelving

Why we love Wood-Tek:

  • Unlike millwork, Wood-Tek shelves are Aurora Quik-Lok, steel shelving that’s guaranteed to stay rigid and level.
  • Wood-Tek shelves support greater weight than conventional millwork. One 36” x 12” span of shelving holds an excess of 300 pounds.
  • Wood-Tek product is versatile and ‘portable’. If your business moves, Wood-Tek can move with you to preserve your investment.

Wood-Tek is a natural fit for law libraries given their strength, durability, and classic look. See how Wood-Tek has transformed law libraries into majestic spaces to house all your materials in all shapes and sizes.

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Designed to match your aesthetic

Wood-Tek comes in 2 wood species — cherry and maple — and 4 elegant stains. When combined with any of the 32 beautiful colors of shelving and finish options, the design possibilities are endless.

  • Stain color includes red cherry, chestnut cherry, honey cherry, and natural maple
  • End panels come in classic, Shaker, Carlyle, Ambassador, Federal, and Buckingham styles
  • Door panels can be solid wood, glass, mesh, or Shaker style
  • Over five different options for trim and crown molding

Available Finishes

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