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Four Great Smart Locker Applications

Four Great Smart Locker Applications

Four Great Smart Locker Applications

The evolution of modern lifestyles and technological innovations are at the forefront of most, if not all, industries, resulting in the expectation of simple, technology-enabled experiences in all parts of people’s lives. From two-hour grocery delivery to instantly transferring money to friends, convenience and on-demand services are now considered standard.

That remains the same when it comes to storing personal belongings. Our smart locker applications provide the opportunity for organizations to provide convenient day-use storage and secure package delivery for their customers. Here are four ways organizations can leverage smart lockers to create a great customer experience while streamlining their operations.

Smart lockers create seamless book pickup for libraries

The library landscape is becoming more flexible and versatile than ever before. To meet customer expectations, libraries can provide their members 24/7, contact-free book rental and return with smart lockers. There are a variety of lock types to choose from; libraries can opt for people to open lockers with their smartphones or library cards, ensuring total security. Smart lockers even log every book pickup and return for accurate and complete tracking.

Outdoor Locker Straight Center Edit scaled
Library Outdoor Book Pickup Locker Bank

Businesses can utilize smart locker applications to provide flexible storage for employees in the office

With many employers shifting to hybrid work environments and implementing open office plans without assigned desks, employees now need a place to store their personal belongings when in the office. Employers can introduce smart lockers to give employees a secure space for small items such as laptops or small bags and larger items such as a suitcase before they take off for a business trip. Smart locker software integrates directly with HR systems and enables employers to remotely assign and monitor lockers, saving staff time and money.

Smart lockers automate package delivery for university dorms and apartment and condo buildings

Rather than having packages dropped off outside the door or at the front desk, residential buildings can leverage smart lockers to provide secure package delivery and 24-hour access for their tenants while saving their staff time. Once a package is delivered, tenants receive a text message, notifying them that their package is ready for pickup. They can then use their student ID cards or RFID building keys to access their package. This ensures that the individual for who the package is for is the only person who can access the corresponding locker at that time. Also, smart lockers are courier agnostic, so buildings are able to choose who can drop off and retrieve any uncollected packages.

UNLV Smart Lockers
University Dorm Smart Lockers

Fitness centers can install smart lockers for day-use by their members

Many gyms see hundreds, if not thousands, of people come in and out of their doors each day. For those who may come straight from work, bring a gym bag, or just want a safe place to leave their jacket and keys, fitness centers can offer smart lockers. They offer touchless locks and are easy to wipe down and sanitize between uses, reducing the spread of germs. Also, with a state-of-the-art locker room, gyms can gain a critical edge over their competition.

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The 3 Most Necessary Locks You Need Now

The 3 Most Necessary Locks You Need Now

Lock technology has progressed incredibly quickly throughout 2020 and even further into 2021. The functionality that was once only a thing of science-fiction is now available to everyone. From locks that are entirely touchless with NFC & RFID tech, wired locks that completely get rid of batteries, and even locks that can be opened with a simple push of a button on your phone thanks to Bluetooth compatibility. Check out our picks for the most necessary locks you need in your building now.

Bluetooth Locks

In a world where 95% of the population has a Bluetooth-capable mobile phone, the obvious necessity for lock manufacturers was to build a lock that could be opened, closed, and managed through ones phone. As our phones become more like an all-encompassing wallet, storing cards, passwords and the like, now we have the ability to open and close locker doors without laying a finger on the lock. What’s even greater is the increased security that comes with a Bluetooth-compatible lock, as the key to that lock will always be in your pocket.

Bluetooth locks in locker room
Bluetooth locks are great for creating a safer environment for all your patrons, giving them contactless options.

NFC & RFID Locks

Similar to Bluetooth, NFC (Near-Field Communication) and RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) locks take full advantage of touchless technology by allowing locks to be opened with key fobs, access cards and more. Companies have already been exploring these technologies by using them on building entrances to authorize access to certain personnel. Now, we’re seeing this innovation come to personal assigned and rental lockers across every industry. As an added perk, these locks are perfect for managing access within a building, using the same fobs with different levels of access.

Pulsar NFC - RFID lock in office setting
NFC and RFID locks are perfect for managing access control in an environment already using NFC key fobs or RFID cards.

Wired Locks (No Batteries Required)

Last but not least of our picks are wired locker locks for companies that want to completely rid themselves of batteries. The greatest thing about these types of locks is the networked system for locker banks that all connect to a central locker management system. From this system the locks can be periodically opened for after-hours maintenance or scheduled cleaning, for example. Also, these wired locks are often paired with NFC, RFID, and Bluetooth compatible locks for even greater contactless flexibility.

wired locker bank with RFID locks
Seamless locker banks can be made by pairing networked locker management software and RFID locks.

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