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Three Products That Can Modernize Your Library

Three products that can modernize your library

Three Products That Can Modernize Your Library

Over the past two years, businesses have been forced to adapt to volatile needs, expectations, and regulations. Libraries have had it no different. In addition to keeping their doors open to communities that faced job loss, remote work, learning adjustments, and hard times, they had to transform their operations to account for new sanitation, social distancing, and safety precautions.

On the bright side, many libraries have looked at this situation as an opportunity to innovate and modernize their libraries. Here are three products that can modernize your library:

High-Density Mobile Shelving

High-density mobile shelving is static shelving on moveable carriages that can slide together, eliminating unoccupied aisle space. This allows libraries to store more books and archives within a smaller footprint without changing the building’s original walls, saving space for other new uses such as new meeting rooms, collaborative workspaces, cafés, study rooms, or technology labs. High-density mobile shelving offers the option of powered, mechanical assist, or manual handle controls for appropriate accessibility, ease of use, and safety for all users.

Northwestern University Library High Density Mobile System
Powered Assist High-Density Mobile System

High-density mobile shelving erases the need to expand storage to an off-site facility. However, if a library already has off-site storage they would like to optimize, they can use floor-to-ceiling high-bay shelving to store and protect special collections.

Smart Lockers

One of the most popular uses of library smart lockers is streamlined book pickup and return. Smart lockers provide 24/7, contact-free book rental and return with easy access and total security. Library members receive a text when their books are ready, and they can open their respective locker with their smartphone or library card to retrieve their books. Smart lockers log every book pickup and return for accurate, automated tracking.

Smart Locker Book Pickup & Dropoff Bank
Smart Locker Book Pickup & Dropoff Bank

Another way libraries can modernize with smart lockers is by providing lockers for patrons to store their personal items while at the library. Patrons can place their drinks, food, and bags in lockers when accessing special collections in order to limit damage to the collection. Libraries can customize the locker design to match the rest of the building’s design and choose a keypad lock to eliminate the need to keep track of physical keys.

A-Frame Shelves

A-frame shelving systems are fully configurable units designed to display and store different media types such as novels, magazines, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games. By design, A-frame shelves encourage browsing and supply additional display space for newly released books and staff favorites.

A-Frame Displays in Library
A-Frame Displays in Library

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What Makes High-Density Mobile Systems So Useful

What Makes High-Density Mobile Systems So Useful

What is High-Density Mobile Shelving?

High-density mobile systems are static shelving on moveable carriages that can slide together, eliminating aisle space and creating extra room for more storage or innovative projects.

There are several types of high-density mobile systems. Standard is the most common and can be found in athletic locker rooms for equipment storage and museums to store special collections. Heavy-duty high-density mobile shelving, common in industrial manufacturing facilities and warehouse spaces, can hold up to 30,000 pounds. Think: standard but greater.

On the other hand, low-profile, considered standard’s “little brother,” can be a great alternative to a renovation or purchasing a new building for additional storage space. When you already have off-site storage, high-bay shelving – designed especially for off-site storage facilities – frees up space at existing buildings while protecting, conserving, and securing important materials from floor to ceiling for long periods of time.

With the various types of high-density mobile shelving, manufactured by Spacesaver in the USA, there come many benefits. We’ve outlined a few of them below.

Mobile Shelving is Collapsible, Saving Wasted Space and Opening Opportunities

The ability to move shelving units as needed enables greater efficiency, productivity, and storage density. By eliminating wasted aisle space required by stationary shelving systems, increased floor space can be used for other initiatives. It also increases storage capacity, allowing more to be stored in less space and minimizing off-site storage which is more expensive due to additional logistics like security and additional staff.

High-Density Mobile Shelving System
High-Density Mobile Shelving System

Mobile Shelving Saves Money

High-density mobile shelving saves organizations tons of money, even over a short time. With more available space, organizations don’t have to expand their real estate footprint, saving them thousands of dollars each month. Additionally, high-density mobile systems allow for improved organization, in turn saving employees time and increasing productivity.

Mobile Shelving is Fully Customizable

High-density mobile systems can be personalized to any organization’s needs. From the dimensions and types of shelving to the material and finish, they can choose a system that best fits their storage needs and integrates with their existing interior design.

Powered Mobile Storage System University Book Storage Spacesaver
Powered Mobile Storage System

Organizations Can Trust That High-Density Mobile Shelving is Safe

Last – and certainly not least – high-density mobile systems are safe for everyone. With more organization, there is less clutter and therefore fewer safety hazards for employees. Additionally, multiple operating options are available, such as powered and mechanical assist, to move up to 10,000 pounds of shelving with the touch of a button. There are also built-in safety features that sense when a person or object is in an aisle, stopping the carriages from moving.

Learn more about what makes high-density mobile systems so useful. Visit our high-density mobile storage page.

Project of the Month: Pedigree Ovens, PetDine Expansion

Copy of IMG 0052 rotated

Utilizing High-Density Mobile Pallet Rack, Pedigree Ovens expands into a new 220,000 square-foot facility


Client: Petdine, Pedigree Ovens
Market: Warehouse storage, manufacturing
 January 2018

PetDine is a full-service private label co-packer solely focused on the pet industry. PetDine offers a wide range of product types and ingredients to manufacture private label pet foods. They produce powders, pastes, soft chew treats and cooked treats in any shape.

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