Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

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High-Density Storage Enables Expansion at The Abe Lincoln Presidential Museum

When we heard word of the organizational challenges facing the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, the Bradford Systems team put our storage systems to the test.


New life was given to a historic building in the early 1970s, when architects made the bold decision to place the presidential library directly underneath the Springfield, Illinois state capitol building. While the innovative renovation was praised at the time, it caused major headaches for staff years later. After 30 years of being the true depository for the entire state’s newspaper publications, manuscripts, and book stacks — there was no room to grow.

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Our storage specialists were able to step in and modernize one of our state’s greatest buildings. Besides providing standard stack shelving and storage solutions within different departments, high-density mobile shelving solutions were integrated into key department areas. In fact, high- density storage makes up the entire manuscript and book stack depository on the sub-level of the building.


Integrating high-density mobile systems with art racking and 4-post shelving provides ample flexibility and organization in the Audiovisual department. The periodical archive, which was converted to microfilm, is a combination of microfilm-specific drawers and slides, integrated directly into a high-density solution. High-density storage was also integrated into a research area to provide easy access for the most popular manuscripts and records. To accommodate incoming periodicals, rolling shelves were added in the periodical processing areas. Providing ample storage so the library can continue to expand, Bradford Systems is proud to say that we have added another 30-plus years capacity to the capitol building’s 178-year history.

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