Lateral Sliding Shelving Storage

Save Room with Lateral Sliding Shelving

Lateral sliding shelving storage is a perfect solution for condensing your file room space. Spacesaver’s Bi-File (two row) and Tri-File (three row) sliding storage systems are an incredibly affordable way to maximize storage allowance. Since two or three rows of shelving are placed in the same footprint, this helps save costs and space, while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

The front shelving sections are mounted on movable carriages that move laterally on a track, which allow access to the back row of stationary shelving. The result is a cost-effective, high-efficiency lateral filing system that dramatically increases storage capacity within a given area. Click below for more information or get a complimentary space estimate today.

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Maximizing Space with Lateral Storage

With a shortage in available cold chain freezer storage, it’s important to optimize your lab’s refrigerated space to fit as many doses as possible while securing a solid cold chain that remains frozen even through mobilization. Our mobile shelving systems are easily moved for direct access to the sample you need while doubling your available inventory in the same footprint!

Maintaining the quality of vaccines and medicine through a continuous cold chain is vital not only to sustain the potency of the supply, but also to comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Storage Handling Tool Kit guidelines for handling and storing vaccines such as COVID-19 and varicella.

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