Auto Parts Storage

Auto Parts Storage at Full Speed

The National Automobile Dealers Association found that, amongst new and used car dealers and certified manufacturer service shops, service and repair account for 60% of their net profits. We’ve helped plenty automotive clients expand their auto parts and other fixed ops area storage while we streamline their operations. Vertical storage allows automotive dealers & auto parts manufacturers to store more parts in up to 90% less space.

Combined with high-density storage, our auto parts storage solutions can reduce the space taken up not only by parts inventory, but also larger items like tires and engine blocks. Auto parts dealers and mechanics alike will find our automotive storage solutions perfect for tool, tires, and auto parts storage inventory while opening more space for revenue for the dealership’s backend operations.

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Auto Parts Vertical Lift Modules

Take Your Service to New Heights

An obvious benefit out our vertical lift modules (VLM) for auto parts storage is the sheer amount of inventory space they can provide in such a small footprint. Compared to standard static shelving that spans 30ft. across your building, Modula VLMs can store the same inventory as 60-80 shelving bays using 90% less space. This allows your employees to complete a higher volume of orders, quicker part finding and picking times, and increase overall performance and profitability.

Static Shelving vs. VLM
Static Shelving vs. VLM

Options & Accessories for Your Auto Parts Storage

We understand that all dealerships are not created equal. With varying floor space, parts inventory, and foot traffic across the industry, we’ve established a thorough offering of tray accessories and perks that you can add to your vertical storage systems. Below are just a handful of options for your auto parts storage needs.

  • Auto part piece counting scales
  • Tray partitions, dividers, and extensions
  • Label printers & barcode scanners for auto part recognition
  • Badge and electronic key system readers for authorized access
  • Automatic bay door open/close and more

Double Your Tire Storage & Spare Parts Capacity with High-Density

Tires inevitably take up tons of space, but expansion or relocation aren’t the only options to increase your tire & auto parts storage capacity. Our vertical tire carousels & mobile racking systems can accommodate a large number of tire sets and save you 70% of floor space.

High-density storage for auto parts and tire storage is a simple concept that enables you to double your storage capacity or store the same amount of items in half the footprint, leaving room open for more profit to be make like extra service bays or vertical storage.

Rousseau Automotive Parts & Service Storage Equipment

Rousseau is the leading North American designer and manufacturer of flexible and high-quality storage solutions. All of Rousseau’s product lines allow for custom configurations with a vast range of components and accessories, allowing you to build your own solution, be it a customized cabinet, shelving system or workstation.

These products are scalable so they will grow along with your business. For example, if you already have a shelving system, you can add banks of drawers and cabinets for storing more parts. With a 400 lb. capacity per drawer, lifetime warranty on the sliding system, meticulous designers, and advanced technology, Rousseau is second to none when it comes to automotive equipment.

Cut Your Parts Picking Time – Earnhardt Lexus Case Study

Discover how to optimize your auto dealership’s parts picking time with Modula’s Vertical Lift solutions: our Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems helped Earnhardt Lexus increase the productivity of their entire parts and tire storage department, reducing part picking time by more than 60%.